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 Dark World - A SPN/OUAT/TVD RP Site (Brand New)

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Katherine Pierce

PostSubject: Dark World - A SPN/OUAT/TVD RP Site (Brand New)   Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:05 am

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Rumpelstiltskin is dead meaning there is no dark one. Some would think this is a good thing but it only released something even more wicked, the darkness, which a powerful sorcerer had tethered it to a human soul to keep it from consuming the realms but with Rumpelstiltskin dying without the dagger, there was no human soul for the Darkness to attach to and with that, it wandered off. With the danger of it consuming the realms, Emma and the rest ran after it. Eventually, Emma used the dagger to force the darkness to tether to her soul just to buy some time until they decide how to destroy it completely.

Meanwhile, Dean has been travelling around the world alongside Crowley after recently becoming a demon. Sam and Castiel have both been looking everywhere for him after Metatron killed him, completely unaware of the fact that the mark hadn't let him die but rather it caused him to live on but as a demon instead.What they also don't realize is even if they cure him, the mark will still remain and the mark is really something that traps the darkness, the darkness that God had fought long ago, and if they get rid of the Mark, it will only release the darkness, and if they do, they will have that darkness to fight on top of the darkness that is currently residing Emma Swan.

In Mystic Falls, Elena is in a deep sleep from a spell that Kai put on her, making it where she doesn't wake up until Bonnie dies. So, the Salvatores have put her in a tomb until the time came when she would wake up. Months have passed since they put her in the tomb and Mystic Falls is a disaster after a raging storm, from the Darkness, broke out. Now, everyone has made there way towards Storybrooke, finding that the source of it came from there to see what they could do to fight it. Can they fight the darkness together or will it be too much for them?
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The Powers That Be!

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PostSubject: Re: Dark World - A SPN/OUAT/TVD RP Site (Brand New)   Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:25 pm

Linked back thank you will move to accepted adds in 24 hrs.
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Dark World - A SPN/OUAT/TVD RP Site (Brand New)

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