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 And They All Lived... [OUaT]

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PostSubject: And They All Lived... [OUaT]   Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:49 pm

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After Hook sacrificed himself to stop the Dark Ones from taking over the town, Emma and her band of heroes ventured into the Underworld to save their pirate friend and get back to Storybrooke for their happily ever afters. However, once they arrived in the Underworld, they soon realized that getting back home wasn't going to be as easy as leaving the way they had come in. Actually, it seemed leaving was impossible, and sharing a heart with Hook wouldn't be enough to get him back to the world of the living, as they were incapable of leaving as well. It was only thanks to the powers of all the Dark Ones, now collected in a single Rumplestiltskin, that the very rules of the Underworld were altered. Through his immense new powers, he was able to force open an escape route for the heroes once they reunited with Hook, allowing the whole lot of them to return to the living world.

However, his powers fractured the balance of the Underworld, and other beings managed to slip through the cracks before he closed the portal behind them. Now, there's no saying which of the formerly departed heroes and villains have found their way back to Storybrooke, or what they plan on doing now that they've returned. There may even be forces now re-awakened beyond anything that they have dealt with before. Darkness that makes even Rumplestiltskin look like a kitten. And, of course, there's one angry ruler of the Underworld who may eventually want to sort out all the mess the heroes caused while visiting his realm.

Tensions remain high between the forces of good and evil. Though Rumple helped with the rescue of Hook, he was also originally responsible for his death, and now that he has all the powers of the Dark Ones that came before him, it is impossible for the others to guess his motives or plans. Trust has been broken. Does he plan on using the power for good? Will he be worse than ever? Only time will tell.

Successful rescue or not, it seems the inhabitants of Storybrooke are still far from that happily ever after they've all been striving for. Old enemies and new threats lurk in the shadows.  One line of their stories remains to be completed:

And They All Lived...
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And They All Lived... [OUaT]

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