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 jaded allure [jcink]

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PostSubject: jaded allure [jcink]   jaded allure [jcink] EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 9:20 pm

    Everything changes in an instant. Life has a funny way of changing everything you thought you knew about the world. Some could say magic would do the same. For centuries, people have feared magic, known that it could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Their fears have come to pass. Magic has changed their world. Now the world is filled with mysticism and tyranny; people started hiding their darkness within the shadowy confines of magic. Due to one miscalculation in a resurrection spell, Willow Rosenburg changed the very fate of the world. Lives changed forever, and no one will ever be the same. All it took was one word pronounced incorrectly in the spell and Sunnydale ceased to exist. The one person she was trying to resurrect was alive but in the world that was not her own.Buffy Summers, the Slayer, who died to protect her family and the world, was active again. Only there was a major problem. She was back in a seventeen-year-old body. One that is not her own. The city she awoke in was Shreveport Louisiana, a far cry from Los Angeles or Sunnydale. The year? 2015. She was sent so far in the future that she had no idea what was going on. What's worse? Buffy knows that she cannot leave. She can leave the city and travel, but it seems to only some cities. When she tries to progress further, she ends up back in Shreveport.Godric should be dead, but he is alive again and in Shreveport with his child Eric. Things are strange. He doesn't understand why he was summoned back, only that he had a purpose here. There is someone he must find, protect and aid. Nothing more was said. Now with the help of Eric and their telepathic fairy-hybrid Sookie, they are trying to find this person. Having fought off the fifth covenant son, the boys of the Covenant Of Silence have all ascended. Their magic is stronger than ever before, but they will survive this time. With their guardians by their side, they can get through anything. Their journey ended in Shreveport as well. Trying to learn about the voodoo magic that transpires in the deep south. Now like the others, they are trapped. For how long they do not know. Will the boys survive? Dean is looking for a way to save his brother, Sam. In doing so, he ends up getting teleported to Shreveport. Someone here has the answers that he seeks.  A way to save both himself and his brother and thwart Lucifer once more. It's a refuge and a haven, but he cannot and will not accept anything other than the saving of his brother. Sam is also seeking his brother and hears a tip that Dean is in Shreveport. Together they are going to find a way to change their fate.Will you help or will you create chaos? Join Jaded Allure and take your stance.

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jaded allure [jcink]

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