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 Choices We Made [Marvel Civil War]

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Choices We Made [Marvel Civil War] Empty
PostSubject: Choices We Made [Marvel Civil War]   Choices We Made [Marvel Civil War] EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 10:00 am

Choices We Made [Marvel Civil War] 6W91Ffr
Our Trailer

It is the year 2016.

The Avengers are now public knowledge after their battles with Loki in New York and Ultron in Sokovia. Unfortunately with recognition comes backlash as the secrets about them spilled and destruction from their acts of heroism led to increases in crime.

The public screams for accountability, and uprisings and riots are not unheard of, with the people wondering why the government was not doing anything about the "problem" of heroes and what they see as "monsters."

Enter the the Superhuman Registration Act, which calls for any and all heroes and superhumans to register as a "weapon of mass destruction" and undergo training at a government facility...

Those who refuse to register would be deemed criminals in the eyes of the law.

There was a time when the lines were clearly drawn. But now...

There are no heroes.

There are no villains.

You will have to choose...

♦ We offer ♦
Brand new board
Jcink Premium Forum
Friendly staff and members
Dozens of canons open for play
Active and involved plots
OC-friendly board

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Choices We Made [Marvel Civil War]

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