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 Nicholas Yandel

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PostSubject: Nicholas Yandel   Nicholas Yandel EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 11:50 am

Nicholas Mathew Yandel II was born to Sir Nicholas Mathew Yandel I and Silvia Victoria Yandel in the year 1920. His childhood was full materialistic things from day one he was given anything he asked for. Nick was born with a golden spoon in his mouth because both his parents were very wealthy and came from wealthy families. Nicholas father was brought up with a firm hand and was a Durmstrung alumni and his mother was brought up in a very similar way and she is a Slytherin Alumni. This was the same way they were bringing up Nick. Unfortunately Nick didn’t stay the only child for long he was joined on his 8th birthday by his twin sisters Lacy and Bracy. Although he never felt the brunt of their arrival he still was not happy they even existed, but his parents cautioned him about thee treatment towards his sisters.

Nicks parents lived and worked in Germany therefore when Nick turned eleven years old he was accepted in Durmstrang like his father once before him. There he became a great athlete playing quidditch and becoming a dueling champion/ His grades were impeccable but his manners lacked a bit, all thanks to the way he was brought up. Nick was used to having it all when he want it so he usually portrayed this at school, some of his teachers gave in but others only got annoyed. His sisters were unfortunately becoming exactly like him very spoiled and arrogant. One summer when his parents went camping with them he met a girl whom he fell for until later he found out that she was a muggleborn, his parents also found out and demanded he end the little love affair because there was no way he was bringing a muggle born into the family. His parents told him that in order to have a chance at good genes he needed to be with a pureblood only. So with a huge ache in his heart they parted ways.

After many years debating moving his family from Germany Sir Nicholas decided it was time. He had wanted to work with the ministry for a long time rather than with Muggles like he did at that point, so now that the opportunity knocked he was taking full advantage of it. Nick was forced to move with them and leave his life and friends in Durmstrang behind. Nick argued, yelled and through tantrums that he did not want to go, but after getting severely punished by his parents for the disrespectful attitude he had no choice but to move. He not only was bound to miss his friends and teachers but the real reason he did not want to go to Hogwarts was because the girl he had met that summer was in that school and he was afraid he would have to confront her even when he still had feelings for her. But all this was a bombshell waiting to explode, what would he do at Hogwarts, it was such a different place and he knew no one. But only time will tell, how all will go down.

Updates Coming soon!
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Nicholas Yandel

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