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 Angeline Worth (This Bio has a twist)

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Angeline Worth (This Bio has a twist) Empty
PostSubject: Angeline Worth (This Bio has a twist)   Angeline Worth (This Bio has a twist) EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 11:45 am

Iris or Angie how many have come to call her was born in Paris, France on November 15, 1916 to (Cyril Pendragon who is originally Welsh and Amelie Chevalier) who was born and bred in France. Angie is the second born from Cyril and Amelie's 4 children, Angelique who is a year older than Angie, Dahlia who is 10 and Julien who is 8 years old. Angie although somewhat spoil and well bred to stand out within her family has developed as a very snobby child which mostly stands out among others but not with her family. She is mostly the silent type until provoked in any way; Angelique who is the oldest tends to be more of a friendly type but Angie is the complete opposite of her older sister. As for her younger sister, Angie is more attached to Julien as Dahlia tends to be scared of her for many reasons.

In the midst of the full house chaos and all the arguing back and forth between her siblings, Angie manages to maintain her composer as the proper young lady her mother has bred her to be. Another great part of Angie's life revolves around her huge family get together are especially fun and interesting as she gets to spend time with the huge amount of cousins that already go to the one school she had been dreaming of going for so long. Hogwarts has been in her blood for years if not centuries but that she is still to find out, but in the last family get together she would snoop around listening to her older cousins on how fun and crazy it was to be in the school.

Even though Angie loves her family there is a part inside her that hates the entire world, she did not have a horrid child hood but sometimes she wishes she was an only child, heck she has secrets that if anyone knew could get her in real trouble. Angie has but one gift since she could remember or had since in her and that is the gift of summoning. It is a rare gift that her mother states comes from her great great grandmother. Ever since she was a little toddler Angie could summon things, sort of knick knacks or toys from her sisters play pen. This she did in particular to annoy and see her baby sister Dahlia cry. The pain and suffering also amuses Angie and is no joke when her temper is tested. More to come as I develop her Character.

The Twist is Under construction all that is here has been altered with lies! Oh dear!
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Angeline Worth (This Bio has a twist)

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