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 Sir Terrance Evans

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Terrance Jeremiah Evans was born on April 5th 1914 to Timothy J. & Lorenza Evans. T.J as they all call him was born in Los Angeles California. His father is a Sergeant in the Air Force now works for the intelligence departmet, muggle that fell in love with Lorenza who is a pureblood American witch who works for the ministry for foreign affairs. T.J was the first of two kids his sister Mirrelis was born when TJ was 2 years old. Not much can be said about the relationship between the two because of TJ being the only son he was the most spoiled and his sister simply became a princess. Yes, he was a jealous boy but the age difference was so big that it really didn’t last.

After he was accepted to the America Wizarding school TJ’s parents decided to end their marriage do to inconsolable differences, but in order to keep the peace they decided to split custody, TJ would visit during the summer his father and in Christmas he would stay with his mother as his sister did vice versa of that. But since his father was in the Air Force sometimes spending time with him was basically hi and bye then the rest he spend alone in the house or a local diner.

As TJ grew older and continue his studies at the American Wizardry school he got to learn a lot of things but his favorite subject proofed to be the history of ancient artifacts, although most the time he had major mishaps and got in trouble for it he kept at it and began to enjoy the wonders of mixing potions and not have them blow up in his face. That was not the only mixing he got accustomed to because at school TJ was quite the ladies man, although back then a black person wasn’t allowed to date girls that weren’t of his own color, because he was in school he was able to get away from all that so he dated white girls, Asians and even Hispanic girls. But his heart beat never found the one he would stick with which in fact later on he was grateful for. TJ was also the sociable kind, he had friends all over the school and if he got in trouble most of his friends would get in trouble for him and with him. He was the athletic type and works out as much as he can. Because of having to spend his summer with his father TJ spent most of his time watching muggle sports and in particular football which he began to enjoy more and more. After Terrance turned 16 years of age his father was transferred to England with no date of return and TJ had but no choice than to tag along during his school breaks.

This part of the world for TJ became rather interesting, it was all knew and he wondered many times if he would find a wizard community anywhere near his father’s base. Although he had heard a lot of talk back in school about Hogwarts and his father had offered for him to switch over but TJ refused because he only had one more year to go, but he did indeed take part in enjoying the Hangout it was somewhat of a camp for wizard kids. One of those summer actually the summer before his last year in school he decided to visit the place as well as the shops surrounding it. It was then he learned that not only was it like back home but the place was awesome just to say the least. He had made a mental check list of where he would visit from now on. But that one summer he was walking around and spotted what he considered as a beautiful girl she was very petite and just down right perfect. Which, in the end turned out to be one of his biggest nightmares.

More to come regarding him becoming what he is right now
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Sir Terrance Evans

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