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 Kaitlyn Da Silva

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PostSubject: Kaitlyn Da Silva   Kaitlyn Da Silva EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 11:38 pm

Born as the second child of Elizabeth Dwyre Battersea with Francisco Edinburgh  on  1913  Kaitlyn became the second child the couple had procreated. Yet Kaitlyn so far was an only child at the age of three her mother gave birth to another girl, Kaitlyn was ecstatic to have a little sister even when her mother refused to speak about their bigger sister who was not living with them.  A few days after her sister came home Kaitlyn was shoved in a cupboard and told not to make a sound. It was then she saw her father being butchered like so much meat because he didn’t know where her mother had gone with the baby. ‘she isn’t here sir…keep looking for both girls we must take them to him or he will strip our hide…sir we looked she disappeared no sign of any of them…tell me where is your wife and girls Mr. Edinburgh …I don’t know where she went with my children I swear it’ Kaitlyn cried in silence as she saw him being killed right in front of her hiding self. She was a babe couldn’t do anything but see him mouth to her ‘I love you my little Katiepoo ‘we must look for them I want does girls, the older one we lost to the bloody scientist but these two need to be in his hands’ Katie cried shaking and when they left she came out crying and started shaking or tried shaking her father awake ‘ake up daddy ake up’.

After a few hours had passed and Katie lay crying all bloody on top of her father her mother appeared ‘Katie, Fran no no no Katie not you not Katie’ Katie opened her eyes and her mother nearly crushed her ‘my precious baby…come with mommy’ she said and Katie went watching as her father’s dead body faded into a lost memory for her. At the age of 9 her mother remarried and in order to keep from running she changed Katie’s name to Dwyre, with this new marriage had come a new sibling Angeal Dwyre the girl that hated her more than life itself. After all the years of pure torture near death experiences in the hands of her stepsister Katie became tougher than life. She graduated from Hogwarts and began to work for the ministry as a seductress/assassin but her primary missing was to track her sister because she knew she had one.

She had suffered in the hands of men as she sought for her, James had been the worse of her nightmares. This man had been obsessed with Ellie someone she barely knew but had her as his slave. Then she began to work again for the ministry and in one of the missions she met Zeze. He was fire, light, and pure animal and he wanted her to be his. With time Zeze tamed her to the point that she became his mate, now they are the proud parents of a boy name Braden. With this change came also the realization that Adhara Munich and Angeline Worth were her long lost sisters but that is a different story better told by our Role Playing.

More to Come!
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Kaitlyn Da Silva

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