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PostSubject: AU POWERFUL BEGINNINGS (LB)   AU POWERFUL BEGINNINGS (LB) EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 7:30 pm


Our story takes place in the year 2025, in a place that alot of you may have heard of. Yes, it is the heart of San Fransisco City. Somewhere where life is as busy as life gets. People live there lives everyday running to and from the city. There is so much life here that sometimes people can become overwhelmed by everything that is going on, that they forget there own roots. Where did they really come from?. Who are the people that helped them get to where they are today?, and most of all, what sacrifices did they have to make to get there?.

My name is Melinda Prudence Halliwell. I am the descendant of a long line of witches, and the daughter of a legendary witch herself. Piper Halliwell. My mother whom had fought very hard to have me is the person who I respect the most, and my father is the man of the house, Leo Wyatt. However this story isn't about only about me, it's about everyone. I was named after my aunt Prue Halliwell who was the head sister of the witches and even taught my mom some tricks.

Let me explain from the beginning. This story goes all the way back to when my Ancestor from the 1600's was born. She was raised normally and enjoyed life. Her name was Charlotte Warren, and with time she fell in love with a man named Lawrence Cutler, in time they had a child named Melinda. Now for the longest time Melinda lived in an old cabin and was an amazing child. She lived, loved, and cheerished life like no other. When one day she figured out she could do things other children couldn't, casting spells, making potions, find missing people by scrying for them on a map. However this was only the beginning, soon she recieved her true gifts; Telekinesis (the power to move things with her mind), Molecular Immobilization (the power to freeze people and objects), and Premonition (to see events of the past and present). However when the witch trials started she had no choice to go into hiding.

Then the 17th century was almost near and she gave birth to someone she could finally teach to do magic, Prudence Warren.With this birth the family line became stronger and Melinda recieved a vision, showing her the most powerful witches were just a glimpse away. In only a few more decades three women witches would bring the greatest good the world had ever seen. These three witches were my aunts and my mom. This is where the story moves foward alot. In the 2000, Prudence Halliwell my aunt who I was named after, my mom Piper Halliwell, and my aunt Phoebe took on the roles of witches. Though it was hard to do so they persevered. Not to much longer the new witches realized they had missed there most serious attack, Shax, and this resulted in the death of my Aunt Prue.

Two years later a long lost sister was found, making my mom Piper and my aunt Phoebe powerful again. Her name is Paige.The trio was complete. They fought for eight more years and in the year 2025 my aunt Prudence Halliwell who died was returned to us and I was named after her. Now there is a new battle on the Horizon for my generation. My mom and 3 aunts have retired and now the children have to fight the evils that are still out there. Will you be with us or against us?.

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PostSubject: Re: AU POWERFUL BEGINNINGS (LB)   AU POWERFUL BEGINNINGS (LB) EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 6:26 pm


AU POWERFUL BEGINNINGS (LB) Tumblr_lnmnivLRYM1ql0h6jo1_500
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