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 Vane Kattalakis

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PostSubject: Vane Kattalakis   Vane Kattalakis EmptyMon Jan 07, 2013 10:12 pm

June 1922 4pm…(What do you mean you are an Shifter?) Nikitta said to the man she had fell in love with. (Baby, I meant to tell you soon I was not going to hide this from you) Max answered the woman that held his heart in her hands. (I can’t do this Max I can’t I thought you were just a wizard but an animal, no I can’t) she was crying desperate hoping this was just a dream. But it wasn’t she stood in front of his home shaking because she had come over to tell him she was pregnant only to be told that he was a flea carrying mongrel. Nikitta was disgusted and decided to have the child give to it’s father until he was ready for her experiments because even if she was a scientist she couldn’t and wouldn’t hurt the babe. (Nikki please think of our baby he needs both of us) She shook her head and ran as fast as her legs would take her. Max stood in the porch for hours hoping she would return  and it took all of him not to collapse on the floor and cry, he had wanted her as his mate was hoping she was but they were just lovers. The woman he loved with everything he had and who was his child’s mother had left him.

Nine months later a nurse walked in the hospital room that housed Nikitta with her child to find Nikitta missing and the child still in the cubicle with a note stuck to his blanket; I can’t care for this child do as you wish with it, the father has the money for him if he wants it Max Kattalakis lives at…..The note was short and to the point Vane’s mother had abandoned him at St. Mungos. The nurse looked at the tiny face and wept for him, she picked him up and gave the note to an elf to find his father. Max had been pacing all day trying to focus on his work when the door bell rang, he counted the months and knew that sometime soon his child would be born and he was in the assumption that Nikitta would return to him with their child little did he know that this was far from reality. He even feared for him considering what Nikkita was and how she liked to experiment on vampires and shifters, yeah that memory was still in his mind goodness she had never guessed he was a hybrid then maybe she would have stayed to study him, but their child no impossible she wouldn’t hurt her own child would she?

Max walked in the hospital with some sort of hope that she would be there but when the nurse walked up with a bundled of sheets his heart sunk. (Mr. Kattalakis this is your son Vane, he was born March 11th 1923) Max reached for the tiny little human that was wrapped in baby blankets to find that he had the cutest dimples, tiniest hands and finest black hair he had ever laid eyes on. (Where is his mother?) the nurse shook her head and handed him the note, when Max read it he crumpled it and put it in his pocket. He looked at his son and reached for his tiny fist and right there and then he made his son a promise (I will never leave you Vane and I will never let your mother take you from me ever.) He said as he walked out of the hospital as a father. As the years went by Vane and his father grew closer and closer. Max tried to hide the vampire side of Vane for as long as he could with the magic he had left, but the wolf was different it was going to show sooner or later. When Vane had just turned 6, his father got mated to Lorraine Nikolai. Vane had been part of their courtship most of the time because Max his father wanted to make sure Lorraine understood who Vane was in Max’s life. But Vane adored his new stepmother.

At the age of 12 his little sister Juliana was born and Vane became the best big brother that little girl would ever have. He was helpful with Juliana and his parents loved that he was so dedicated with her and gentle and never jealous of her. He had no need Lorraine gave him the same love he had lacked from a mother figure for over six years and in fact he never asked about who was his mother. Vane knew her name because that was one thing his father never kept from him, but as a child he was Vane couldn’t understand why his real mom had abandoned him as if he were trash and for that he would be forever angry.  Vane had been homeschooled for a while since his father had wanted Vane to enjoy his new mother since for six years he had been deprived of one. Also his fear of Nikitta coming back had him extending what should have been only 2 term away from the school. After 15 years of Nikitta never showing up Max decided he could go to Hogwarts at the age of 15.

On the summer before he was allowed to go to school he had been running around chasing his little sister to tickle her. At 3 years of age Juliana was his life and for her he would give the world to anyone. As he went to catch her the door bell rang, Vane grabbed her by the waist “Got you, you sneak” his sister let out a screech of delightfulness and giggled as he opened the door. “May I help you?” the woman standing in front of him had the blondest hair he had ever seen, she had blue eyes like his and was beautiful  much like his mother Lorraine.  His sister looked up from her brother’s grip and waved at the woman (hi!) she said followed by a giggle. “Mom someone is at the door” Lorraine stepped out of her art studio with pain and a brush in her hands (Oh for heaven sake Vane   don’t be rude and ask her to come in and for the love of the gods don’t drop your sister please) Vane nodded at the lady and rolled his eyes as his mother’s constant retort over him grabbing Juliana.

“I won’t drop her much” his sister wiggled and laughed (hey let me go) she shrieked as the woman stepped in. (Hello how may I help you?) Lorraine said cleaning her hand on her jeans. Vane dropped Juliana and saw her taking off as he went to run away after her. (Hi I am Nikitta Kukavich) Lorraine froze as did Vane as he turned around slowly to look at his real mother (Vane take Juliana upstairs and don’t come down until your father calls for you) Vane winced at the order but obliged grabbing his sister by the hand. “Yes ma’am” he said walking away. (I want to see….) Lorraine got between her view of Vane and Nikitta (You have no right to be here) Lorraine said silently summoning her husband and folding her arms across her chest. Vane looked out the door of his room down to the entrance where his real mother stood confronting his stepmother. Why had she come back after all these years? Vane was confused and curious as to why this woman who had abandoned him so many years ago had come back to his life as if nothing had ever happened.

Vane stood listening to the conversation, but there was so much he didn’t understand as if the conversation was being kept from his ears. He was old enough to know what was going on, His father had arrived that same afternoon and as soon as he saw Nikitta the arguments began. Vane docked a little from the upstairs hallway wanting to listen but all he heard was his father say (You will never see him ever again you have no rights you lost those rights when you walked out on him a day after he was born) Vane could scream, but his mouth was shut tight. But what would he say? Thoughts of it went through his mind and all came up blank. Vane heard footsteps coming up the stairs and he ran in his room as silently as he could and closed the door. When his father came in he was sitting on the bed with his arms folded (Vane since you are starting at Hogwarts this term I think it is a good idea for you to go to their summer campus to meet new folks and get acquainted) Vane was aghast at how easy his father had stifled this issue.

Lorraine came in after his father and smiled at her son as she sat next to him (You don’t have to go son but it is better if you meet people and get the feel of the place) Vane understood what they were doing. “I am smart mom I know what it is you ask of me” That was the one thing that Vane had from his mother. He was so smart that he was a quick learner. His father had hopes he would end up as a Gryffindor like him but he was a book worm like his mother had been back when they had met. She was a Ravenclaw and true to her house the woman had an exceptional brain. So much she had become a thriving scientist, one that sought knowledge from the creatures that roamed the earth. But the one thing in Vane’s eyes that she lacked was sense, because the way she had left him was not something a smart wise woman would have done. Vane agreed to go to the summer campus, he didn’t want anything to do with Nikitta and if his father was trying to shield him from that so be it he would allow it. Yes in the days before the summer campus Vane had asked his father about Nikitta and what she wanted and his entire father said was that Nikitta had some sort of remorse but he wasn’t buying it for a second and for him not to worry about such adult things. Did he crave to know her? To know the reason behind her abandonment? Yes he did but time would tell.

The thing was time didn’t tell his father did (Son she is a scientist and she ahs know to kill before over subjects I am afraid she will try to do the same to you) he said to him and Vane understood. Vane had opted for never allowing her to see where he was and that he had any interest in her. But his father had warned him that if he ever went missing to run and hide with his baby sister little did he know that he would have to do it so soon.

Personality & Appearance:
Vane likes to be around people most of the time. He likes being seen as popular and more socially competent, having more friends and dating partners, he hates that sometimes he is accident-prone. Vane loves to take more study breaks, but he also loves engaging in thrill-seeking and delinquent behavior, he enjoys earning the best grades. Vane loves having more leadership roles, exercising more than playing silly games that have no intellectual capabilities, belonging to a group of friends or study group, playing a sport as long as it helps your mind for example playing chess. Vane loves art and music most of his preference is for classical, opera and acoustic music. Vane's favorite artist is Van Gogh because of the way he expressed his view of the landscapes with his famous paintings in pastel colors. He is responsible and well-organized. Vane has high standards and works hard to achieve his goals.

Black straight hair which he keeps short around the nape of his neck and some sort of bangs to cover his forehead. Green eyes which his mother or step mother say they seem to be more turquoise than green, most likely depends on the lighting around him. Vane’s skin is honey in color like his father’s, with no blemishes or freckles to adorn it. He is like most teenagers his age, fit and well balanced in terms of physic. He likes to exercise therefore has the body that comes with it. When Vane smiles Lorraine his mother and his baby sister say he could kill anyone with it because of the dimples that form on his cheeks. Vane is tall for his age but that he gets from his father at 5’8 and 170lbs of mostly muscle he takes advantage of this in order to lure potential girlfriends.
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Vane Kattalakis

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