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 Alexandra Stark

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Alexandra Stark

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PostSubject: Alexandra Stark    Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:15 am

Secret Phrase: Barbaric

Where did you hear from us Admin

Your Age: 31

Character Name: Alexandra Stark

Age of Character: 32

Face Claim: Katheryn Winnick

What kind of Magical Creature are you: Human

Biography: Born to Dayan and Juliette Stark on one cold winter's night - Alexandra was brought up to be a strong woman.    Dayan taught her how to throw a good punch, to be able to fight back so that a man would try and take advantage of her.    Although Juliette did not really teach her daughter anything.    She was taught never to just lay down and take the hits that life threw at her, but instead to fight back.    Taking her dad's words to heart - she always fought back against the hardships that life threw her way.    Through everything she has gotten back up and brushed herself off and kept on fighting in one sense or another.    She also has managed to keep a smile on her face and always offered others a kind smile or a helping hand.

Often when she is alone - she has ear phone's in her ears and music blaring through her ears.    And is often singing or dancing when she is completely alone.    Finding more peace in graveyards or the forest than she does inside of a house.   She can often be found running around outside or sitting under a tree with a good book or her journal in her hands.  What she writes about are the weird dreams that she keeps having or just random things that are racing through her mind. Writing is the way she can keep her mind from going a million miles an hour.

Appearance: Standing at a 5'4" - she has long blonde hair and striking blue eyes.   Her hair is normally pulled back in a braid or a pony tail.   Wearing jeans and t-shirts and regular tennis shoes.   On the rare day that she does dress up - she can be seen in a skirt and a nice blouse, and heels. She always has a cross hanging around her neck that she hasn't taken off in over 8 years.


  • Shy
  • Sweet
  • Understanding
  • Tough as nails (Once a MONTH)
  • Loving
  • Kind

Wish to be a moderator or admin: Nope

Sample Role Play:
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Alexandra Stark

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