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 Naturally Unnatural

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PostSubject: Naturally Unnatural   Naturally Unnatural EmptyWed Feb 03, 2016 8:27 pm

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** JUST OPENED ON 1/15/2016!! **

The worlds of Underworld, Twilight, and the DC Universe collide! Erase most of the history that you all ready know about these three worlds, and imagine a universe where Aro Volturi from Twilight is the older brother to Marcus and William Corvinus from Underworld.

It all started when Aro and Marcus became the first vampires. During a fight between the two of them one day, Marcus bit Aro, accidentally super-charging the venom in his older brother's system. The super-charging of the vampire venom had turned Aro into the first Daywalker. Because Marcus and his kind could not venture out into the daylight, they became known as Nightstalkers. William was (and still is) the first lycan, or Child of the Moon.

Presently, Marcus has just awakened from an 800-hundred-year hibernation to find out that he has become a vampire/lycan hybrid, and that the world has changed drastically. Crime and corruption has built up to an exploding point in many major cities across the world, creating both costumed heroes and villains alike. Aliens have also started to arrive, metahumans are growing in numbers, and magic-users are beginning to come out of hiding. While all of these new things greatly intrigue him, Marcus is angry beyond all reason at Viktor for imprisoning his twin brother, William. He is seeking not only revenge, but is looking for the two halves of the key to his brother's prison, which Viktor and a "newer" lycan, Lucian, possess.

Because of this, his older brother, Aro, has started to think differently, often leaving the sanctuary of Volterra and Volturi Castle in order to not only help clean up after Marcus' and other vampires' rampages, but to recruit more people for his own coven as well. Not just to turn them, either. Aro is starting to realize that it might help to have more "unique" human helpers within their grasp should things begin to escalate out of control. That could actually happen, as many vampires and lycans have started to run rampant, creating more of their kind. Shape-shifters have begun to multiply in numbers as well due to all of the new vampires and lycans emerging across the world.

The entire planet is on the edge of chaos as crime and corruption take their toll on various cities, and the secret world of vampires, lycans, and shape-shifters slowly begins to spill into the human world.

Will you choose to protect the innocent along with the secrecy of the supernatural?

Or, will you choose to use the vampires, lycans, and shifters for your own evil ends?

Or, will you be law enforcement or a civilian stuck in the middle of it all?

What role will you play?

The choice, if you're brave enough, is yours.

* Just after "Underworld 1"; Lucian and Viktor are still alive here! *
* About 2 years after "Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2" *
* For the DCU....Pre-Crisis Earth-One, just after the Justice League has formed.*

* Friendly Staff. *
* We accept people of all role-playing levels. *
* No word count. *
* Freeform, plot, and character-driven threads. *
* A cool, fun atmosphere. *
* A chance to play your favorite character(s) in a unique world. *
* At least some knowledge of the 3 franchises is preferred, but it is NOT a requirement. *

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Naturally Unnatural

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