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 Tribute To The Fallen A Hunger Games RPG

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PostSubject: Tribute To The Fallen A Hunger Games RPG   Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:54 pm

Tribute To The Fallen A Hunger Games RPG
                                  To All Of

The war has ended, peace is finally upon our great nation again.

In accordance of the agreement to end the war, the Capitol has agreed to allow the districts back into their good graces. In return the remaining twelve districts have agreed every year that every child's, from the ages of twelve to eighteen, names will be put into a lottery. It is then that a Capitol appointed escort will draw two names from each district and those two children will come to the capitol where they, for one week, will learn how to fight. At the end of that week, twenty four children will be taken to an arena where they will fight to the death, until one remains, allowed to return home they will be lavished and treated to a life of Luxury, for the rest of their life.


Thomas James
President Of Panem

37th Hunger Games Have Pre Games have Started| Tributes Avalable| Victors Still Available | All Original Characters and Plots
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Tribute To The Fallen A Hunger Games RPG

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