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 Black & White: Inspired by C'vania, D&D, & Dishonored

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The Maven

PostSubject: Black & White: Inspired by C'vania, D&D, & Dishonored   Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:27 am

As the empire fell to the wrath of the deities all manner of horror was unleashed into the world. Headless hunters, tentacle monsters, mountainous titans, blood thirsty creatures of the night... The pious gathered the worthy and fled beyond hell's reach, founding what is now the known regions of Iendol. But there can never be good without evil.

Ages passed, time skewing all memories into scary stories to tell children. Those that survived have begun expanding their influence into others, rippling into borders and causing strain. The wilds are becoming restless and never before seen creatures are beginning to harass the newly developed regions. It is said history is doomed to repeat itself...

Will you Let It? Or Will You Mold it for Your Own Purposes?

Welcome to Iendol

Tags: original, medieval, fantasy, werewolves, werecats, vampire, demon, templar, witch, castlevania, iron age, dnd, dishonored
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Black & White: Inspired by C'vania, D&D, & Dishonored

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