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 Revamped Power & Shifter Abilities

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The Powers That Be!
The Powers That Be!

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Revamped Power & Shifter Abilities Empty
PostSubject: Revamped Power & Shifter Abilities   Revamped Power & Shifter Abilities EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 7:15 pm

*Permissions may be granted upon evaluation*
Magical Trackers *
- Kaitlyn Da Silva - Braden Da Silva (Child)
- Amanda Fulviano
- Mina O’kane (NPC)
- Riley J Fulviano – Malkoff (Wife to Ethan Malkoff)

- Serenity Sullivan (Child of Ellie & Patrick Sullivan)
- Patricia Malkoff

- Ellie Sullivan (The strongest and most Lethal Telekenetic)
- Jayden Malkoff- Christensen (Stronger in Demon form)
- Kiera Munich (Child of Savaan & Adhara Munich)
- Dorian Malkoff (Stronger in demon form)
- Terrance Evans (Stronger In vampire form)

- Adhara Munich (Strongest Shielder in the world)
- Kevin Fransine
- Patrick Sullivan (Magical Shielding)

Telepath *
- Ellie Sullivan
- Jayden Malkoff - Christensen
- Jacob Malkoff (Mate to Maria Villareal and Twin of Jayden)
- Three Sisters with each other (Adhara Munich, Kaitlyn Da Silva & Angeline Worth)
- Mated couples (can only do it through their bond to themselves)
- Sir Terrance Evans (Most powerful Telepath of the group can communicate to anyone)
- Giovanna & Johnny Sciarrone (Twins of Kendal & Giovanni Sciarrone)
-Dorian Malkoff
-Mark Fulviano

- Nicholas Yandel (Most Powerful)
- Savaan Munich

Shadow Walker (very rare)
- Savaan Munich (Most Powerful)
- Kiera Munich (Child of Savaan & Adhara Munich)
- Giovanni Sciarrone
- Ethan Malkoff

BioKenetic - Can move organs inside a body
-Mark Fulviano

FrostKenetic (Very Rare)*
- Giovanni Sciarrone

Illusionist (rare)*
- Kaitlyn Da Silva

- Dorian Malkoff
- Kaminari Hawke
- Ashaya Marie Malkoff (Child of Dorian & Patricia Malkoff)
- Jayden Malkoff - Christensen

- Angeline Worth (Known as Venom) (Through her fingers and tongue) *This is a born ability)
- Kaminari Hawke (Demon form can spit it out)
- Ethan Malkoff (Through his fingers)

Voiceless Magic*
Most of THE SHADOWS use this form of magic.
Hand Magic (not the same as Telekenisis)*
- Dorian Malkoff
- Ellie Sullivan (Strongest)
- Dominique Renard
- Terrance Evans
- Breanna Evans
- Kendal Sciarrone
- Most all adults can learn this from a professor

Foresight & Backseer
- Breanna Evans (Backseer)
- Lisa Ritter (Destiny Foreseer)
- Patricia Renard Malkoff (Both)
- Terrance Evans (Destiny Forseer)

Natural born Magical Regulators
- Ethan Malkoff
Metamoralis *
- Zeze Da Silva (Wolf)
- Patrick Sullivan (Hawk)

Shapeshifters, Their Mates & Children
Vaughn Hawke (Wolf) –Mated to Kaminari (Snake & Demon)
Jean P Yandel (Black Panther) – Mated to Lisa Ritter
Kyrian Christensen (Snow Leopard) – Mated to Jayden Malkoff (Demon)
Zeze Da Silva (Wolf) – Mated to Kaitlyn Da Silva
Kevin Fransine (Wolf) – Mated to Samantha Yandel (Wolf)
Tatiana Hawke (White wolf pup)
Keenan Hawke (Wolf pup)
Ayla Villareal Mated to Armando Villareal (Wolves Both)
Maria Villareal (Wolf) Mated to Jacob Malkoff (Wizard)
Josh Singleton mated to Ivanna Singleton (Wolves Both)

Terrance Evans (Dragon/Vampire) – Mated to Breanna Evans
Ryan Morgan (Lycan/Vampire) - Mated to Trix Donnelly
Silver Morgan (Lycan/Vampire) - Daughter of Ryan Morgan
Trevor Lloyd (Lycan/vampire) – Mated to Mirelis Evans (Vampire sister of Terrance Evans)
Vane Kattalakis (Wolf/Vampire – Mated to Rebecca Cooper (Wolf)
Julianna Kattalakis (Wolf pup/Vampire) – baby sister of Vane

*Please Review Each individual species & their rules before creating any of these.
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Revamped Power & Shifter Abilities

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