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 Revamped Power Guidelines

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The Powers That Be!
The Powers That Be!

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Revamped Power Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Revamped Power Guidelines   Revamped Power Guidelines EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 7:11 pm

*****Powers that all characters have with the exceptions of Humans*******
- If 17 and older materializing is allowed
- Spells are allowed for everyone please use moderation, children are allowed to do spells but be honest they will more than likely fail after all they are children. (Never ever will a teenager or younger person out spell and adult)
- Sleight of hand (conjuring) and transmuting is allowed only for adults and teenagers to an extent.
- Broom flying Really this is not needed but if you wish by all means do it, materializing and or driving is much more fun especially in the futuristic era.
- Foretelling (Divination) – this is not the same as predicting please do not confuse this magic with the other.
Special Magic
Magic that can be taught and learned by others.
Magically induces Shifter (Animagus) – To learn how to turn into an animal from human form. (This is not the same as a shifter those are born abilities) (Can and will be taught by Zeze only)
Magical Tracking – It can be taught but this is also a natural born ability a true Magical tracker will surpass any taught magical tracker (aka Kaitlyn is a natural born Magical Tracker)
Healers – This can be taught although there are natural born healers like Amanda, Riley and Zarek, this magic can be taught to the right person. Also shifter healers are natural born healers and can only heal their kind (Samantha, Ayla and some NPC’s)
Telepathy – This magic can be taught to a minimum but it is also considered a natural magic. It is when people communicate from mind to mind. Illusionary Magic  – This magic can be taught.
Hand Magic – This can be taught to most every wizard.
Voiceless  Magic (better known as silent casting) – This can be taught to the most prominent of wizards but it is not to be used by magically low wizards. So Far (Adhara, Ellie and Julian can do Silent Casting)
Magic Protectors (Naturally and taught) – These are the ones that protect humans from the magical world, not from vampires, demons nor shifters.
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Revamped Power Guidelines

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