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 Revamped Character Creation Rules MUST READ

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Revamped Character Creation Rules MUST READ Empty
PostSubject: Revamped Character Creation Rules MUST READ   Revamped Character Creation Rules MUST READ EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 6:48 pm


1. Registering a character MUST have FIRST name and LAST name do not use one name with number example (bibi87) this will be deleted immediately.

2. All characters must have an application with Full Bio (No excuses)

3. Depending on how much you progress in the site for now you will only be allowed 2 Characters on the site at the begining.

4. Avatars must be 200 px by 300 px, avoid avvies that show too much they will be removed. I don’t mind using a little skin or even a little of blood, tattoos (for over 16 yrs ICC) on the avvies but no nude please. There will be avatar personnel to help you with this process if needed. If you have the talent set up a shop people love all sort of stuff on their avvies.

5. Images in Signatures are allowed again same rules apply from Avatar rules. GIF are allowed as well.

6. Special abilities need to be approved*

7. YOU MUST READ CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS BEFORE CHOOSING WHAT TO BE*  First word in the secret phrase is 'Merlins'

8. Some characters will be NPC

Individual Charracters Rules


-There is only two packs in the site; Wolves & Leopard
*Do not and I mean DO NOT ASK TO MAKE YOUR OWN PACK. The answer will be no.
- If you are part of a pack your job is to be loyal to that pack if you chose to go rogue well unfortunately the pack hunters will hunt and kill you so don’t do it.
- When shifter shifts their clothes disintegrate and when you shift back they ‘will’ their clothes back unless a malfunction has happened with that power, because of the rule of no pornography I will change this a bit and you MUST say you changed but leave it at that do not and seriously folks I say DO NOT rp you are naked the post will be locked and wording erased by moderators.

- If you mate with any shifter this is for life no divorce so please do not RP being mated unless you are staying with this person. They don’t cheat and they are very possessive of their mates.
- Do not and when I mean DO NOT I mean it, force someone to mate IC or OOC this is not allowed or wanted.
- You can rp the mating dance be creative
*If you have no idea what a mating dance is ask an admin for help
- No sexual content remember if you do curtain effect only
- You will respect the alpha and Draconian laws at all time, this is for RP purpose only.
- Do not kill your mate remember their bond is sealed together if he/she dies you will too eventually. - For now we will have NPC if any NPC wishes to be adopted please email Admins.


-If you RP gory scenes please be mindful of how much you write about it, please keep it PG-16 rated avoid too many details if you are caught using too much the thread will be locked until this has been cleared out.
- There is a certain way to become a vampire and it’s not your conventional way, Sir Terrance and his mate Lady Breanna are the only ones allowed to turn people so please do not assume you are a vampire before approaching them. If you are adopting an NPC then it will be with different rules.
- If you are a vampire your SIRE is Sir Terrance and Lady Breanna and unfortunately they are your masters their rules are law.
- You are a nocturnal creature the only day walkers are Terrance, Breanna and his immediate family. If you are a student there will be nocturnal classes for you.
- There is only Three Vampires that can fly and that is Draconians; Sir Terrance, Lady Breanna, NPC TJ grandmother (Former Draconian) and eventually their children.
- If it seems that Terrance is also the Alpha of the shapeshifter that is correct he is the Draconian lord, but he is fair enough to allow and train Alpha’s for the packs *again remember only 2 packs in this site*
- If you wish to be a vampire before you begin to RP please contact an Admin or if you rather be made then have fun rping this as well.
- Please understand that Lady Bree is to be respected what she says is also law do not angry the woman or death will follow.
- Do not kill your vampire whatever humans and vampires that need killing will be NPC’s only.

- Please do not assume you have all the powers in the world powers are limited to each character, please read the character creation rules.
- Spells will be learned.
- There is no such thing as houses in the University. There is no longer a bloodstatus in this site again we are stirring towards changing the face of Shadows by making up our own issues and plots.
- We are dating site at 2044-2045 by an accident experiment information about this era will be posted under plot lines for your information.
- The Rules regarding gadgets has been revamp by petition from some we will be allowing all the gadgets due to the time period being played. We will list the futuristic gadgets in a separate thread so everyone has an idea what is allowed.
- Groups are divided by societies; Doomslayers for Demons, Nightcrawlers for Shapeshifters, Crimson Knights for Vampires and Phoenix Rising for Wizards.
- All other characters like Vampires, demons, shapeshifters are wizards as well but Wizards cannot later on decide to shift to something else. Because this rule is a double edge sword other groups will have limits as well.
- There is a secret group called the Shadows unfortunately that is a strict group and can only be joined by invitation only do not ask about it.
- If you have children or teenager in the site the teenagers will be assumed away for the school year. The schools are as follows for wizards we are going to stick with Aspen Academy, for Vampires we have Transylvania Mortuary Academy and Bourbon Academy in the states and Den schools for shifters.
- University is strictly for 17 years and older, there will be daytime and nighttime classes as well for the vampires.
- More to come
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Revamped Character Creation Rules MUST READ

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