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 Revamped Basic Rules MUST READ!

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The Powers That Be!
The Powers That Be!

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Revamped Basic Rules MUST READ! Empty
PostSubject: Revamped Basic Rules MUST READ!   Revamped Basic Rules MUST READ! EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 6:35 pm

Basic Rules

1. You must register as a user, read the rules and submit an application in order to Roleplay in this site.

2. You can have up to two characters two students, one student one professor, two professors, one child, one adult any combination is good. In order to do this even if it says you can’t use same email Administrators can help you with that.

3. The site Year is 2044-2045 Information about this Era will be posted in plot area.

4. In order to have less ads and more space for archives and images we have placed a donation link at the bottom feel free to use. All credits/donations will be used for the betterment of the site.

5. University will break only for Christmas and Summer ICC but that won’t stop people from posting in their threads all I ask is to be mindful of dates.

6. We will shut down site for a few days for maintenance as it is needed maybe even just hours depending on the demand.

7. Be Kind to others. We are all human beings in here let’s act like such if you have problems with anyone even the powers speak up by email and it shall be dealt with among the said parties and Administrators.

8. Fights and Adult situations are ALLOWED. Note: If you start a thread with an adult situation in it please put a warning in the title and you MUST use curtain effect for certain parts for example (Ella kissed him and he grabbed her and took her in his arms….an hour later Ella felt so wonderful as she lay in his arms) Do not give specifics this is not allowed. *If you need more room for specifics email administrator* We use SKYPE for specifics in the sexual context.

9. No invincibility- your character can and probably will get hurt. No character can do everything and escape anything. Got it? Good. Students nor children will never win over the professors or adults.

10. Profanity is allowed in moderation if my moderators find the same word more than five times on a thread we will lock thread until this has been fixed. Do Not Use the F-bomb in every sentence please.

11. Although this is for 16yrs and older site and provocative avvies are allowed. No pornography or sexual content of any kind in this site. If I find you with pornographic or sexual content you will be banned. No second chances! Third word (Barbaric) for ‘Secret Phrase’

12. No killing off other characters without permission from the owner of that character and an admin. Failure to comply will be met with an automatic ban.

13. You are playing one character and one character only- no dictating the actions of other characters. You can’t act for someone else. Do not assume you have control of the other person thoughts, emotions or movements unless previously agreed and if so please post on a corner of the post the words (Agree PP (powerplay) by other party) if that is not and the moderators catch any Powerplay you will be warned to fix or delete the post that will be the first offense, the second will ban you from posting for 2 weeks and the third will be banned for good.

14. MSN,Yahoo, Skype or any other means of instant speak is allowed as long as it is advised this was done.

15. No flaming, it is one way ticket out of the site. What is flaming? (basically talking bad about someone or criticize that is part of this site or any other site, in the chat or in private msg.) I don’t want to see people putting others down. This is just another form of bullying and we will not tolerate bullies period.

16. Roleplaying is done as a third person if you have no idea what this is please preview sample roleplaying. And or approach the coaching forum personnel.

17. Do not argue with the admins. This falls in the same means of if you have a problem with someone approach another admin and explain the situation.

18. And on that note do not Admin jump if one administrator says no it is most likely the other will say no as well. (We communicate with each other)

19. Do not write only one sentence as your post. You may only do this if your post is not included in an RP thread. One-liners will be deleted.

20. Please try to keep people up to date on plots that concern their characters. We have a forum to discuss plots, feel free to use it.

21. Do not start extra - threads if you won’t be able to keep up with them these floods our archives and therefore floods the amount of space.  Keep it to what you really can handle.

22. Please read character creation rules before assuming you have certain powers.

23. Do not by any means rush folks to post caught doing this first offense will be banned from postings for two weeks, second offense will be banned for a month and third will be your way out of the site (Everyone has a life away from here). If you need to fast forward a thread please be cordial and approach the person once that should be enough.

24. If you need help with anything regarding the board email admins or moderators once, someone will get to you within 24 to 48 hours. DO NOT FLOOD OUR EMAILS!

25. Remember: do not give out your personal information on the forums and posts, if you want to share that with anyone, please send it to them through a personal message or e-mail.

26. DO NOT PLAGARIZE: If caught plagiarizing another board or any books you will be automatically banned. Please learn to give credit to who deserves it.

27. Do not give your account to ANYONE if you do not wish to RP anymore let us know and we will delete that account allowing someone to use that name if they wish it so.

28. Please respect the admins and moderators they work hard to provide and maintain this place so that it is fun and entertaining for all.
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Revamped Basic Rules MUST READ!

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