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 Jayden Malkoff

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PostSubject: Jayden Malkoff   Jayden Malkoff EmptyTue Dec 25, 2012 10:42 pm

Even inside her mother’s womb Jayden had learned that she was not alone, never alone. There had been someone watching her, some other being inside what should be the most protective place on earth. It was her twin Jacob her mother called him and he was born a few minutes before her there for losing her being the oldest. Jayden Nicole Kavanaugh; was born on April, 3rd 2025 at 5:02 pm after her brother Jacob. He was born at 4:57pm at a hospital near the school their mother aimed for her career. Their mother Ellie Kavanaugh was single and only 19 years old. Jayden had received knowledge that her mother had hidden the pregnancy from their father for at least 10 months. But Richard Watson was no fool especially when he saw the twins after their mother took them out for ice cream against their grandfather’s will. Her mother told her that Rick had taken to her more than he did Jacob why she had not idea.

Ellie, her mother had told her that she had been the closets to take on their father the moment they met back when they were only 10 months. It was then Richard offered to marry his love life he said to Jayden once that their mother was his life. And by default Richard had made his legal attempts to changing their birth name from Kavanaugh to the proper Watson as they were his children after all. After the first few years of their tiny lives Jayden and Jacob had become close, it was even funny to see them running around attached to the hip at 4 years old. Jacob became her sole protector while their father worked for the ministry and Ellie carried the huge belly of what would soon become their other sibling. Jayden’s mother would homeschooled them to learn the basics as Richard demanded because he wanted his children to be as intelligent as he was or so he said he was. Jayden although still young was learning about magic and its history and Jayden loved it. Although Jayden and Jacob saw their father as a loving man never had they noticed nor been tainted by the fear he portrayed and gave their mother. Yes he loved them all especially his wife but Jayden knew her mother well and she could tell Ellie feared the way Rick acted around them as one person and another around others.

After Riley was born in 1966 Jayden hoped that she would be the only sibling they would have. But that failed to happen when their mother broke the news of her being pregnant once more as her and Jake turned 7 and Riley 3. Heck Jayden remembered hearing her mother cry when she told Rick she was pregnant letting him know this was it no more, but all her father had to say was will see. And then as soon as they had turned 8 Julian Elias was born. Jayden became protective of this child; she would sneak in to cuddle with him every night after her father checked up on them to make sure they were in bed. There was just something about Julian that made her protective of him. Especially, against Jacob whose jealousy had turned him into a bully when it came to their younger brother. Because Jake loved Jayden and knew how tough she was he would not dare defy her when it came to Julian.

And then came their tender age of 9 Jayden remembered waking up to Ellie yelling at their father, it was a discussion about how he was treating her lately. Rick had distant himself from them all because of work supposedly, Jayden thought he had always been distant no matter if he was off from his job or not. Although he paid her most attention Jayden knew it was less with the others and it made her feel rather off. She wanted her father to love them, be there for them, and care enough to see that her mother Ellie was very much in love with him. And that she needed them as much as Jayden and of course her siblings needed him too. Lately it was taking a toll with their mother she was fed up with such treatment. In reality Jayden felt it and so did Jacob who had become more and more protective of not only Jayden but of their mother.

Jayden knew their mother loved the independence yet Rick wanted her to have more kids stay home never follow her dreams. Why was her father this vile? It was then Jayden began to hate her father and in the process so did the rest of her siblings, she would yell at him and storm out telling him how much she hated him. It was the truth she did for the way he was treating their mother and the rest of her siblings. And then one day her mother was caught crying in her room by all of them. And where was their father? Gone to work of course. Jay remembered the question she asked her mother that morning “mom are you ok, did daddy hurt you?” It was painful to know that the man they called father would be this evil to hurt, wound their mother to nothing but a cowering being, to be submissive and that Jayden could not take. (No child I am just, mommy is just sad because yet again you guys get one more sibling to come into this messed up family) Jayden froze “No mommy why did you let him?” Jayden could still hear those cries at night of her mother begging Rick to allow her to live, to follow her one dream, to teach. But that never came.

After the months went by Jayden noticed her mother grow braver against their father. Of course Jayden and Jacob were there to help her cope and be strong as she was for them. Then Gabriel came to bring some pause in their lives with a few of joyful moments, but that only lasted a few months. This time Jayden noticed her mother take off every day only she knew where to and defy Rick their father. He had even dared to use both her and Jacob to tag their mother make sure they always went with her as if spying on her, but Jayden and Jacob where their mothers children. Rick had stopped to have their loyalty the day he had started to hurt their mother emotionally. It was then Jayden learned that Ellie was planning on leaving their father Rick, that she couldn’t and wouldn’t take this any longer and as always her and Jacob backed her decision a hundred percent. They loved their mother and Rick had become nothing but a darn stranger to them a person they hated with everything they had. The hatred they felt for their father had never enticed by Ellie. Jayden and Jacob were not blind, they knew how Rick was and knew how much their mother had suffered. How now that she was planning on finally living her life she was happier than ever.

Within in months after Gabriel was born their mother went from good little wife to the more assertive person. Jayden and Jacob had never seen before their mother like this, heck Jayden even noticed how she was dressing up, using make up and looking more beautiful than before. Not for Rick, but for the man that became an integral part of their family Patrick Sullivan. Their stepfather, friend, and protector that was making their mother laugh and happy. It took only a few months for them to settled in their new home the one their mother had bought with her savings that she had been keeping from Rick. Their mother didn’t have a lack of money as their grandfather offered to help. But she found this to be significant because it was money she had saved over the years. Once they were settled in and her mother looked happier Jayden began to reap the rewards of being away from their father. No idea what was going on between her mother and father only that he kept trying to fight for them and their mother made it difficult. Ellie fought for them with tooth and nails receiving full custody of all of them. Jayden loved her new life. Jacob was still as protective if not more since Trick had allowed him to stay the man of the family. He had proposed to their mother once the divorced between her and their father had been final. Jayden saw it as a sign of respect and a sign that this man was not here to take over but to be part them especially the day her mother said I do to him.

More to come!

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Jayden Malkoff

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