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 Birthdays Were Never Fun!

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Samantha H Yandel
Samantha H Yandel

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PostSubject: Birthdays Were Never Fun!   Birthdays Were Never Fun! EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 10:13 pm

Sam dreaded these meets with his father and his wife but as of late she was too damn busy to even care for it. But her father hadn’t seen her daughter in weeks now so she had agreed and Hawke had given her the day off. The thing was she was more upset about the argument with Kevin over her leaving the den with their baby when he had to work and she be alone. She sighed looking at her rear view mirror and smiled seeing her baby girl playing with her rattle. Gods she was getting big almost a year old already and already her baby was learning to shift, her wolf form a beautiful Blue black. “Well here we go Lilly your grandpa and grandma wish to see you and plan your birthday party” she said getting out of the SuV and opening her daughter’s door. She grabbed the bag and then proceeded to removing her smiling daughters straps (need my help beautiful?) Sam froze the Spanish accent startled her as she picked up her child “no thanks” she said turning and seeing a gardener staring at her. Ok he was cute no doubt there very human he smelled human (ahh but she is as beautiful as you) Sam smiled slightly and closed the door to her truck in the rush to get past him her baby dropped her rattle and he picked it up as she knocked on the door. But when she turned to see if he was gone he wasn’t he was standing there making eyes and faces to Lilly.

(She dropped this) Sam smiled wanting no needing the door to open already this human was getting creepier by the minute “Thank you” she said reaching for the rattle but he pulled it back (do you have a name beautiful?) Sam clenched her teeth as the door open (Sam!, Lilly glad you made it oh hi Jose) Sam took the toy and nodded at him as he smiled (Hello Ms. Yandel your garden has been finished, I shall take my leave now) Sam walked in quickly as Jose stared at her from the entrance “Dad!”  she said and hugged him (baby girl hello, awww look at you have gotten big Lilly) he said kissing his grand baby and taking her from Sam. She looked back once more and Jose was talking to Silvia but starring at her.  “Since when do you hire humans dad?” she said annoyed this man was still starring at her. (Oh Silvia needed some gardening done so I hired Jose and his crew a few months ago they come every other day to fix and maintain) Sam sighed knowing what she wouldn’t be doing anymore. “Oh!” she said as Jose winked at her when Silvia turned her back to close the door. Sam felt chills up her spine, but shook it off (Ahh so nice to see you here sweetie we thought Kevin was keeping you from us) Silvia said in her sarcastic tone “he is, we had a fight before I came here” Nick sr. shook his head (we are your family why the argument this time) Sam sighed it was her problem not theirs “don’t worry about it I am here it is what matters, besides he is my mate he can’t stay mad at me for too long” she said watching Lilly tottle over to her father’s arms.

(Fair enough so what are the plans for her first birthday?) he asked as Sam sat near him “No clue, but in reality I have to work on her birthday I got the next day off though if nothing goes wrong” she said and her father smiled (well we can help plan and execute you do nothing) Sam shook her head “no father I like doing things my way, she won’t remember this it would not be a big deal” her father grunted (nonsense, we throw parties for Alexa and Ronnie why not Lilly) She sighed “because I don’t care for it father” she said looking at her daughter smiling at Silvia goofy face. She could only remember her birthday’s and the thoughts weren’t good every time she turned a year older her mother would take her to the scientist to do testing and those were painful in more ways than one. Her 7th birthday was one of her worst ones it was the day the scientist decided she was ready for his special brand of gift her torture with needles. All she remembered was her screams and the pain that came after it was not good, they had told her mother that she had to stay a few more days this while she whimpered in a pool of blood on the hospital like bed Sam cried but no one came to her aid and after 3 days she couldn’t even stand let alone walk, he had said she was perfect specimen of everything he needed to do to her. (Sam…) she shook her head coming back from the nightmare that still made her shake. “No father no celebrating she is too young” she caught herself before saying anything more.

Sam got up and picked up Lilly from the floor “I should go” he stood up and stopped her (no sit you just got here Sam what is wrong?) she sighed and shook her head “nothing, no birthday celebrations please” she said hating that ever since being mated ever since having her baby her memories were returning o everything done to her while in the hands of her own mother. ‘I don’t want to go mommy please…you will go and deal with this I am getting paid good money more now that he says you are a good specimen…mommy he hurts me….nonsense is for your own good now stop this…hello Sammy ready for testing….no…pish posh child go on get ready you know the drill’ thing is she did go to bathroom get undressed and wait to be tested then it was then she hated. The crying and screaming never stopped him from testing on her, the needles, the ties on her hands and feet so she wouldn’t move because the pain was unbearable every time. (Hey you here baby?) Her father said waving a cup of tea in front of her “yes” she said sighing.

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Birthdays Were Never Fun!

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