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 Savaan Munich

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PostSubject: Savaan Munich   Savaan Munich EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:36 pm

Savaan was born December 30, 2010 to Diana & Joseph Munich from Dresden, Germany. His parents both prominent wizards and business owners, had been always on the move. Most of the time Savaan spent his days running around the front part of their mansion in Berlin. When Savaan was three years old his sister Talianis joined the family. Savaan as the older brother loved and cared for little Tali, he was well mannered and understanding but his sister was not what he would have expected to be. She had feelings of resentment towards him because she had always felt that no matter what Savaan did his parents would spoil him in any way possible. His tutor always had something wonderful to say about his attitude and his grades, unlike what his sister and nanny had to say about the way he behave around the house especially when his cousin Kevin was staying with them.

When Savaan turned 5, it was no shock to the family that he had been elected to attend Salem, not only because he lived near the school; but because he had shown from a very young age the amazing things he could accomplish. Savaan was known to duel with his father during the night time hours and learn about potion making with his mother during the breaks he had from his school work. He had a very open mind when it came to learning different ways to do magic since in his home magic was never a taboo. As soon as he came to Salem he was well known among his peers, as well as respected. He was famous for his dueling matches from the first moment he arrived, Savaan became the champion many years in a row. But with that came a price that his cousin made him pay many times. He was also known for the sweetness towards girls. Savaan could sweet talk any girl in school to be his girlfriend and dummy them that actually fell for his uncaning charm. Savaan was well liked by all his teachers as well as everyone else that approached him. He was like a sudden magnet of people, that sometimes attracted the worst people in the school as well. His cousin Kevin was one of his worst partners in crime, they could be doing mischievous things for hours on end and never get caught, but once they got caught Savaan took the wrap for all of them because he was so likable he got away with anything.

Savaan had been use to getting the attention drawn to him from anyone he came across, one of the qualities that his little sister hated. He would get away with anything he did, like the time he turned the house upside down after he tied the nanny to the bed post. Or like he never got punished for coking his sisters dolls after looking her in a closet. In everyones eyes Savaan was spoiled by his parents to the point that his sister began to hate him with a passion. She even saw it fruitless to even tell on him do to the fact that his parents would laugh it out and not do thing about it. Savaan became accostumed to the 'Getting away with things' even as time went by in Durmstrang. Professor's would stick out for him and half the time let him get away with anything.

Salem became SavaanÂ’s home, he loved to spend time at school and was sometimes caught staying behind during some of the breaks. He was bound to graduate with honors but that all came tumbling down when his parents decided to move, and to his worst nightmare he was destined to switch schools. Savaan was destined to go to Hogwarts, he had his major reserves of the place and was letting himself be heard. He argued the subject but next term was looking rather gloomy as it approached faster than he wanted. He was bound to miss all his friends he had made, like Jordan, Dexter, Riley. Even the professors he grew to love and respect among the many he loathed with a passion.

But all that came to a screeching halt last summer when he was trying to get away from the screams and yelling he had caused among his parents and found himself in a mountain and staring at the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. Rhoswen Hardiwck had immediately stolen his heart, it was then he had no trouble or no reserves to switching schools. In fact he fell so in love with the girl that he had asked his parents to have her and her grandmother stay with them for Christmas. Luckily for him they had already planned on this, because not only was this girl the love of his life, but she was also the daughter of his parents best friend. Destiny had played it self out, they had been meant to be together and here they were dating each other and more in love that he even thought he would be in his early lifetime.

Rho had made his Christmas special, his tragedy more appealing. Yeah his tragedy in his last dueling championship match. His cousin Kevin had decided to play hardball and when they were face to face, Kevin wanted the championship so bad that he decided to use a spell that was not only dangerous but forbidden in Salem. At that point in time Savaan felt he did not want to duel anymore that his time was up! but after spending the time with Rho and seeing how things had to be he was determined to come to another school and do the same. He wanted to be a dueling champion and he was bound to try and accomplish that somehow. But because of Rho this transition was being made much easier than he expected and he was not only cherishing the moments with her but wanting to spend lots more time with her.

More to add!
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Savaan Munich

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