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 Ivanna Harrington

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PostSubject: Ivanna Harrington   Ivanna Harrington EmptyThu Nov 14, 2013 10:16 am

Ivanna is the only daughter to Ivan Harrington (Packs Librarian) and Waleska Harrington (professional artist) both shifters of the nightstalkers pack. Ivanna grew up as any normal shifter would loved, cared for and well educated. She adores her parents and would someday wish, hope that she could do the same. Ivanna was born on December 25th 2019 to the surprise of the healer who had been off to a Christmas party at another den. Her untimely birth follows her were ever she goes, because everything Ivanna did as a child was last minute. This has been one of her biggest hurdle it’s not that she procrastinates; she admits she always leaves everything for last minute. As a child she was always the last one to turn in projects and other things regarding her normal education.  But always got the best grades it was why her eyes were focused on a power career even when her mother wanted her to be low key like her. Yet they never stifled her growth educationally or mentally allowed her to do as she pleased as long as it was within their reach.

But as the years went by Ivanna out grew most of the issues and when she graduated from school at the age of 16 Ivanna asked her parents to go study law at Harvard University in the US. Ivan her father reluctantly allowed her to go but her mother felt the loss of her daughter more than he did. She maintained contact with them and was very aware of everything going on in the den were she was brought up as a pup. Back then Vaughn’s mother had been alpha a wonderful alpha as her parents described her. Now she knew Vaughn their son was alpha and she wondered how he looked all she knew was what his parents had shared and so far he sounded yummy. Unfortunately she had also heard that he had mated to his high school sweetheart a snake/demon of some sort, dear gods.

Ivanna was now returning to her hometown to settle in after graduating from law school and overcoming the stereotypical assumptions that a blond bimbo could be an attorney. Ivanna graduated magna cum laude her concentration Shifter & Magical beings law with a minor in human law. She was seen as one of the best students at Harvard, she was top of her class for 3 years straight and firms in the US were bidding for her. Yet her interest lay in her hometown even if she knew or thought she probably wasn’t going to get much of anything. The kicker was she missed her pack, her family her mom most of all.

Ivanna having focused on her studies had only dated once or twice in her lifetime and mostly humans. She had to admit they were an interesting bunch and somewhat great in the sack but her heart lay in her own kind. No she had nothing against humans but she rather tumble in bed with her kind and if mating was in the works then she rather mate with a wolf than with a human. But fate for Ivanna has always guided her in a different path and maybe just maybe this time she could be steered the right way. Where would that lead who knows? She would head home in the hopes that she could find what she feels has been missing from her life. Something that had not made her feel this way ever until now, until she saw how packs worked in the US and how she missed having that connection with her own kind.
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Ivanna Harrington

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