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 Dorian Malkoff

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PostSubject: Dorian Malkoff   Dorian Malkoff EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:35 pm

Was born Dec. 26 2007 to Dimitri Malkoff and Innochka Malkoff. Both his parents were wizards as well as his entire line of family. His father tended to the family business and his mother was a stay at home mother. Both Dorian’s parents had gone to school just like previous generations of Malkoff’s. Which was not a surprise that Dorian would attend the same school? During the summer and winter breaks Dorian would spend time helping his father at their shop. Dorian’s father was adamant about Dorian pursuing a career, he would teach him from home until he began to go to school where he excels as a keeper. Dorian was considered one of the best keepers of his team and the school.

Dorian was not an only child or at least not till he was 4, that was when his sister came into the picture. He was not too happy but what can any 4year old do, he was taught to respect his little sister, but that only lasted till she was like nine. Dorian hated her so much; she was always intruding when he would have sleep over’s with his friends and telling on him. Which got him severely punished; his father believed that corporal punishment was the best punishment. Dorian could remember the basement of his home as many times he spent down there away from the family thanks to his little sister who had a major complex of superiority. After he began to go to school Dorian took sighs of relief never wanting to be around girls. In his mind they were horrible and of course at that age they had cooties. At the age of 14 Dorian’s mother past away, it was not a huge hit for him as he rarely had a relationship with her. Dorian’s family was all about the men in the family so he simply went to the funeral and said his good byes. He never understood why she would have another child, she died giving birth to another little one that only survived until she was 2 weeks old. The press put it as if it was malnutrition, but in the wizarding world that was not a big deal therefore his father never served time for it. For an entire year his sister was left alone with his father, Dorian would receive letters from her to help her that she was trapped in the basement beaten black and blue over spilled milk. To what Dorian at the age of 14 could careless because of the many times he had to spend time down there because of her.

When he turned 15 he learned that his sister had been accepted to a top of the line wizard school, what was worst was that she hated him for permitting her to live that hell. But again Dorian shrugged it off he was a teen and did not care to even been seen with her. His father simply didn’t care about them so during winter and summer breaks him and his sister would either stay at the school or with schoolmates anywhere away from their crazy father.

One of the most important parts of Dorian’s life was when the Wizard tournament happened at the School where he met the one girl that at one point or another would change his view in life. But because Dorian knew nothing about how to treat a girl, just what he saw his housemates do which was nothing but arrogance and any manners or respect for a female counterpart. Dorian didn’t have the slightest idea what heartbreak was or what it meant to have your heart torn all he cared was to be cool and have pretty girls around him. His relationship with the girl named Marnie was great in the beginning but that was short lived since he was in another school and of course he couldn’t be around her 24/7 or vice versa. And to top it off he did not want the drama issues that came with having a long distance relationship, Dorian ended the relationship never to look back again. He dated girls in his school left and right but nothing fulfilled his male egoistical issues. It was as if he was going to be alone for the rest of his young life.

After graduating he parted never to be seen again by his father or sister. Although his father was not all up in his brain long before he lost it, he had placed funds under Dorian’s name in order to allow him a better education. Dorian took the funds and began his degree in Spain.

At the University of Barcelona Dorian excelled as a student especially in the finance department. He knew he was living in a human world but he did not care, Dorian had wanted to leave the wizarding world behind including his demented father and horrible sister. As the years went by Dorian graduated from the university with his masters in accounting, in order to survive him and a colleague decided they would open an office of accounting together. It was then Dorian began to save all his money, yet he continued to be single and unaware of what he could find out in the real world. His partner got married had kids but yet he refused to fall for that trap. Dorian had no idea how he had ended up so cold hearted towards women, he blamed his family including his pestering sister and his non existent mother.

After a couple of years of partnering Dorian decided to part ways in order to try an embrace his heritage of being a wizard. He saw the opportunity of working in the Ministry of magic as their accountant in the finance department. He took the job and moved in to town. Months after getting hired Dorian received news from their house elf that his father was headed to an insane asylum because he was incompetent to stand trial. He inquired about it and the elf sent him the news clippings. Apparently his father in his moments of rage had killed his sister, her husband and their two children. Dorian had to take a leave from his job to sort things out with the legal department in Russia. After his father was institutionalized Dorian gained control of his parent’s mansion, the business and their entire bank assets. He was so ashamed of what his father had done that, he decided to free his house elf, sold the house under an alias, auctioned out all the antiques, then he gave away the entire business equipments to poor wizarding families and sold the store front that had stood for over 50 years. Dorian liquidated his father’s assets and legally bonded everything under another alias in different banks. He then to make sure no one would know who his father was he legally changed his father name at the asylum and to everyone Dimitri Malkoff had died. Dorian after that never mentioned him again, but he did know he was still alive in the institute in Russia.

Dorian now had all the money a person can want, yet he lives as a normal upper class wizard near the ministry of magic. With all the work that Dorian has he rarely cares about all the rumbling sounds of life outside his home or work. His routine is the same as it has been for the past three years, he goes to work and then home, the occasional traveling and meetings but other than that he keeps to himself. Yeah he would date every once in a blue moon but nothing to spike his interest to him all woman are the same. But ever since he hire a house elf that goes by the name of ‘Cortan’ Dorian has been dating more every time he travels, as a prank and in order to see if he could have a normal life his elf casted a spell on his luggage that whenever there was a pretty lady they would trip the lady forcing Dorian to look at the girl and then he would take it from there. Lately he had no luck all the ones he would find where either to desperate or wanting his money. Yes, he was charming but he figured he was not that charming, or he lacked manners towards girls. One particular girl decided to give him a hard time and saying that she was having his child when indeed Dorian knew that there was no way in life that her child was his but it was his word against him. He asked for a DNA test and the girl felt insulted only to make Dorian suspect that there was something behind this issue. He hired and investigator an there it was the girl was poor and wanting a hand out way out. Till today the matter still pends.

Dorian was ready to give up on finding anyone and just accepting this child that was not his, but it was now that he saw a light at the end of a dark tunnel one he did not like one bit. Someone special had walked in his life and he still was struggling with how to treat the woman that he thought would bring him happiness but no idea how. This would tend to be a long journey for him.

More to add!
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Dorian Malkoff

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