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 Giovanni Sciarrone

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PostSubject: Giovanni Sciarrone   Giovanni Sciarrone EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:27 pm

(Sometimes sacrifices need to be made honey) The day his parents decided that the sacrifice was leaving him behind in order to save themselves was the day Giovanni Sciarrone became part of his paternal grandparents life. (Are you sure you have to flee son?) His father asked him as he held baby Gio in his arms. (Yes father is a must in order to save his life we have to leave make them believe we fled with Gio) Gio being only two weeks old had no recollection of the day his parents took off leaving the country.

In fact Gio grew up never knowing he had other parents than the ones he called mom and dad. “papa, I got the letter from Salem” he said running to his father. (good son we need to get you ready then, let me finish watching the Yankees game son and we can head out). After a few years of being at Salem Gio got more use to his life a as a wizard as opposed to his parents. But one thing he couldn’t understand was why his parents lived as normal humans when his blood was as pure as it came. He had no idea that in order to bring him up safe from whatever it was his real parents had run away that many years ago. Gio was born on Oct. 12 2019 to Klarrisa Trivanni and Faustino Sciarrone, weeks after his birth he was dropped off at his grandparent’s home as they fled the country. So now with his new parents Phillip Scirarrone and Georgina Sciarrone he was rather well adjusted with the exception that he was raised as a muggle kid even when his grandparents had a long line of Sciarrone’s that were pure blood in their veins.

Gio was forced to attend an all boys prep school Fordham Prep School was his Alma matter until he was 11 when he was then sent to Salem. Being in a coed school had been a shock to poor Giovanni as he began to try and coexist with girls. He had been so use to being only boys that the change became sudden and rather uncomfortable at times being now in a coed school, but eventually he survived. He would come home to New York on his breaks, but one Christmas came more than just a visit to him. His real parents had waltz themselves in his life, Gio was so confused especially at the age of 14 when his teenage years where hitting him at his prime time.

(Son these are your real parents Faustino my son and Klarissa your mother) Gio stood up and crossed his arms “no papa you are my father” he was mad and confused (No son I am your grandfather and she is your grandmother) what a shocker to Gio that had been.

His relationship with his real parents never flourished as he refused to cooperate with them because they were pushing him or even trying to force him to give in to their little masquerade. One thing Gio was grateful for was his girl Kendall who understood and was supportive of him. Gio continued to spend time with his now grandparents never wanting to speak to his parents again, no one could blame him he was abandoned it is how he felt when he found out that they couldn’t tell him why they left him.

Now that he was at the age of 16 and loving his life although he still wanted nothing to do with his real parents. Even when they had tried everything to be around him Gio they had even accepted Kendall in the family with gritting teeth because she was not Italian like them. Gio had drifted more and more away from both set of parents by digging himself in his studies and of course he was utterly devoted to Kendall whom he had been with for over two years. Gio had even promise to marry her once they would graduate, something that was probably ready to happen in a year tops.

But what Gio didn’t know was the secret his parents held could jeopardize his life and the relationship with Kendall. Suddenly his parents in order to keep him safe from their problems had asked him to flat out stay away from the family including his grandparents. It came to light this recent summer then instead of them trying one more time to rekindle their relationship with their only son he needed to stay away. His parents had been on the Mafia’s hit list since 1954 with Johnny Dioguardi as their primary hit man, but now when they had come back to NY, Johnny found out about them being in town and the debt they owed was overdue with interest.

And the interest was Giovanni himself, now why would his parents get involved with the mafia? Well simple Giovanni’s parents were investors and the Mafia provided excellent packages if they invested in their personal stock…But as time passed on the Sciarrone’s owe them money so much that in order to get it back they were forced to leave the country leaving Gio behind. Now that they came back they want to settle by providing Gio to them and them doing whatever they want with Gio.

More to Come
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Giovanni Sciarrone

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