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 Armando Villareal

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PostSubject: Armando Villareal   Armando Villareal EmptyTue Nov 05, 2013 1:03 am

There is not much to say about Armando Villareal. He was born to Leticia Escobar and Armando Villareal in 2012 in Madrid, Spain. Armando had the luck to be the second child of a total of 4. His Father was alpha of the wolf pack in Madrid called the Casctoles and his mother was also a wolf although they keep to themselves have lived a life of the Rich and Famous. His father although concentrated pack business was always very tentative of both his boys. Then came the girls Maria was the first born girl of the Villareal family then later on came Rosita how the father called her meaning rose.

At 16 Armando followed his father as he was told to see what happened when he defied his father in mating to the wrong woman. His father killed his brother Carlos in front of his mate and child. Armando fearing his own life ran to hide in another country. His mother helped him but she couldn't leave the girls behind Rosa was but a babe and Maria was just a few years old. he began to work his way up the ladder trying to get some position so that he could help his mother escape his father that was said he went crazy with pure madness Armando developed this fascination with foods. So  he decided to go to a human culinary school in London where no one knew he was a wolf. Now at the age of 25 and using all his savings from his past jobs Armando was given the opportunity to open his own restaurant where he wants to bring to London the wonderful foods of his country. He had asked the  banks for a loan in order to get some more things started and was approved immediately because even if his family had the means to provide him with his money Armando had always been taught to fend for himself. His father looked for him without compunction but Armando hid well no hint of him anywhere.

After some time Armando assimilated himself with the town and everyone thought he was just a taller man in reality he was a wolf shifter yet he did not allowed shifters in his restaurants one mistake that would lead him to the woman that was meant to be his mate......

More to come
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Armando Villareal

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