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 Damien Champ

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The Powers That Be!
The Powers That Be!

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PostSubject: Damien Champ   Damien Champ EmptyTue Nov 05, 2013 12:51 am

No one had summoned him Ash simply existed and he existed in your worst nightmares the ones that didn’t allow you to scream or wake up from. He was a Dreamwalker and he was always invading dreams, he knew this was the way to gain souls without the icky sticky situation of having to dirty his hands. Nope he could slip inside while you slept and forget Freddie Krueger he was the boogey man under your bed, the sand man had been killed long before he even existed. Acheron just was and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Ash worked hard to accomplish everything he had nowadays he kept himself in check as a male model that worked only in night events, he would also worked on his own investing which was why he owned an entire building right off fifth ave. The Luxury apartment complex was home to demons and vampires alike those that could pay his extravagant price. Most of the apartments were rented out. And he lived in the penthouse, he only asked for a few criteria in the rental application. 1. That the demon be discreet and keep to themselves and that the vampire did not hunt the demons there. There was a valet person a concierge and the apartments had all sorts of state of the art stuff. The price for living in these apartments varied from the low 3k to the high 7k.

All his life he had lived in this place without no one being the wiser, no one gave the building a second thought because let’s face it other species thought that demons were bottom feeders and oh how wrong they were about this assumptions. Now about his hobby of dreamwalking Ash did that mostly when the person was dying in the hospital or there was some sort of murder, druggy or rapist causing issues for the city. It was easy to introduce himself inside these beings and it was one of his most cherished little powers.

Unlike other demons and humans in order to find a corrupted soul like theirs you need to have a humanity to you and so of course Ash had some humanity. He dated, humans vamps and other species, he could be nice to the next person when he felt like it. However he reserved himself from having to deal with others unless absolutely necessary.

The misconception of Demons was far from what the big Angel what’s his face Vane. He thought all demons were evil and that they had been made oh how that made him laugh. And no they didn’t only need souls to survive they needed food, water, air and a good fuck every now and then. Could they procreate, he didn’t know for sure he had never tried that was not in his mind right now.

Now magically turned into what he was suppose to be before he was killed by his half siblings Acheron is a vampire one that has had to struggle with the transition nearly on his own. His story is still being told, it is a constant with him.

The symbol belongs to Sherrilyn Kenyon. Character inspired by Dark Hunter Series.


Stubborn, cocky, spoiled, well mannered when he needs to be, social, business like always and he is brutal when it comes to his dreamwalking…..He is not one to joke around when it comes to sucking some old oaf’s evil soul.

Appearance: Though his hair is always long and straight it does vary in color. At times black with a red streak but others it takes on a ash blonde tone. His eyes are always silver in color due to his abilities of dreamwalking, he has a keen eyesight in the evening and can spot anyone like any sniper could. He is physically fit, and he always has a nice tan regardless of how often he looks like a demon.
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Damien Champ

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