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 Ellie Sullivan

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PostSubject: Ellie Sullivan   Ellie Sullivan EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:20 pm

Ellie was born on a dark and very gloomy day. She had been born to a mother who could not possibly care for her. The tiny infant, just a few hours old, born near Dublin, Ireland. Her mother could not care for her as money was tight and times were rough. That was a gloomy night back in 2006. The small and quiet infant was taken to a local orphanage and left on the doorstep. A caretaker, a Miss Duclos, found the toddler in the early morning. By then, the baby was cold and shivering. The caretakers quickly tended to the small child. After a few weeks, the tot, a little girl they named Rachel Eleanor, began to say her name. The caretaker took into consideration that what she was babbling was Ellie, they looked at hospital records and found one Ellie Larusso had been born that year to a single mother. Though no one ever claimed her and no father was listed they decided to give up the search. Ellie was never the most famous child no one ever wanted to adopt her. Despite she was a tot and babies were the most often adopted, no one wanted anything to do with the tiny child. Slowly, she grew up, confined within the stark walls of an unforgiving orphanage.

At the age of 5, a couple had come into the orphanage, wanting to adopt a child. They looked all around and spent lots of time with each kid. Finally, Ellie had her turn with the Kavanaughs. They were very friendly to her and they had seemed really amused by her. A few months later, the adoption was complete. A very happy young five year old was home with her family. She had two older sisters, Helen and Amanda, that played with her sometimes. They were a lot older than her though, so they didn't always play with her. But Ellie loved it when they did.

As if enough tragedy had not struck poor Ellie. At age six, just a few months after being adopted, her parents went missing, presumed dead. Ellie had been taken by the Magical Children's Home. A few more weeks were spent in yet another miserable orphanage. Though, not long after she arrived, she was adopted out to a middle class working wizard home. She had two older siblings, a brother and sister, which were born to her new parents, Patrick and Jana Smith. There had been a lot of problems getting her last name changed when adopted out again, so the Smiths left her name as Kavanaugh, knowing it would someday be a relic to her of the first family that had adopted her. She grew up content with them, but always feeling like she was missing something. Something inside just wasn't right for her. Ellie grew up knowing all about magic and with the knowledge she would go to Hogwarts when she was eleven. She loved the idea of magic and felt that she could do very well there, even get information about her family. Her first family. Despite she was content with the Smiths, she never really felt like she was home there. Always just felt like a guest in her own home.

She was sent to an all girls catholic school. When she got there, it was a bit of a disappointment. She hadn't made a lot of friends and she had become quite shy around most everyone. She did alright in her classes but not spectacular. In her second year, it was the same way. It just wasn't clicking for her. Because of the disappointment that school was, it was still better than home. The soon-to-enter third year had begged her adoptive parents to change her to Hogwarts. Finally her wishes had come true she was on her way to Salem. Maybe this year the change of school would help her feel better even meet a few people and makes some friends. After the previous two disappointing years, she was determined to make this one better and for this one to count. She would have a good year or die trying. And she really hoped it was the first one.

As the years went by and she became more than just part of Salem she felt more and more like she had a home in the school. Her 5th year became more of an impact for her. She had no clue what love was and what a real friendship was. Something that led her to falling for Rhona another girl. Ellie being so confused about most of her past had no idea that was she was doing was wrong. Yet she still experienced a boy kissing her which she dammed till this date Walter Swanscott was one of her worst nightmares, but she decided to still stay with Rhona thinking that was the best choice. Everyone at school hated her for this, but she thought it was making a statement. The year went by rather quickly, and yet she had hardly any friends other than Richard Watson, whom became rather close to her.

During the summer break Ellie figured out that Rhona was meant only to be her friend and she decided she wanted more than just a friend in her life. But little did she know that Richard was exactly that more than just her friend. Now the two are madly in love with each other and as the new year begins Ellie has more to look forward to even if the relationship is frowned up just because he is younger than her; Ellie could careless she is happy nonetheless. Not only is that but there new information about Ellies past that will come about soon. In the meanwhile she is enjoying her relationship with her best friend and Boyfriend Rick.

Even though Rick and her might have been meant for one another Ellie began falling out of love from him as he began going down a path of destruction. Ellie fearing for her life and those around her decided to part ways, it was not even suiting him as he picked up rather quickly another person to take in his man ego. With as much as she suffered to keep away from him, Ellie still had feelings for him and could never forget how much he meant to her. But he distant himself rather than got any closer which for one thing she was grateful. IN the last year of school Ellie had found out her father was still alive and well so she sought him out or rather they found each other. There was no doubt her father was a man of power and was a very wealthy and powerful man in the wizarding community. Go figure she wondered why she had ended up in an orphanage, but she brushed it up. The beginning of their new found relationship was bound to exploded from time to time as Ellie was a woman now and not much he could recollect from what he lost back then.

But Ellie rather than to loose the only family she had it was obvious who would be her great supporter. Her father sought help to get her into one of the best magical universities and so it was their she would make use of her knowledge in order to make something of herself. But along the lines and many summers had past and she bumped into an undesirable person whom she wanted so badly to forget. On her 18th birth-date Ellie had made a wish while blowing her candles that she could forget Rick and move on with a much brighter future with someone who would love her. It was that very night she got a visit from that very person she wished to forget. The passion and love still in her heart lead her down a path she wished had never com. And months later she was in the University hospital wing giving birth to her twins Jayden Nicole and Jacob Nathaniel Kavanaugh. She refuses to accept that Jacob is the vivid picture of Richard and if asked she refuses to say he is the father which has become more of her secret than a burden.

A disgrace for anyone in her family and in her life to have children out of wedlock and what was worst was that Rick had once more taken off and broken her heart and spirit. He was no where to be found, not even to know that she had been expecting his children , Ellie took a vow to never let him know these children existed but her father asked her and piratically begged her to let him know. He had been there in that same situation of the unacknowledged of her life and it was only fair that he knew. But Ellie knew more than she wanted to let out with a simple NO she refused to let Rick know as she knew he would be no good to relation with her children. He was on the way to dark paths ones she wished to bar her children from.

After graduating from the university Ellie decided to apply to schools of magic so that she could teach and give to others what she had learned, because she loved teaching and children all in one. But refusal after refusal she never gave up. She simply shoved it off as it was not meant to be, but the one school she had refused to apply for was sounding rather tempting now. It was then she decided that Hogwarts had not been bad to her and that she would be ok to apply as long as Rick was not in the picture and away from his children she would be fine.

More to Come!
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Ellie Sullivan

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