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 Patricia Renard-Malkoff

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PostSubject: Patricia Renard-Malkoff   Patricia Renard-Malkoff EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:13 pm

Born September 30 1910 (pre time warp = 1947)

Patricia was born in London and everything about her seemed to be just normal. It pretty much was until her 5th month, when her mother accidentally dropped her and instead of crashing and bawling she bounced and giggled. This one event pretty much marked her future afterwards. Since this accident happened on a very crowded tea party, her parents were, after having discovered the existence of magic and a whole world, forced to leave England and start a new life. Thanks to the ministry of magic's help her father got a job as a diplomat aide. This meant that her family (two older muggle sisters, her parents and a myriad of pets - (her mother was an animal lover) travelled all around the world while her father was moved from place to place.

Until she was accepted into Hogwarts she had thought she was condemned to feel out of place. She never felt comfortable with her family, her sisters were jealous; her mother resented her, blaming her for their exile. Her extreme shyness made her magic gets away from her every time she got too nervous. She winced every time she remembered the number of times she had blown glasses (actually quite easily glossed over) or made some rude VIP turn a weird colour. She had put people into newspaper pictures, she had turned some snotty lady's face chequered, but she reckoned the worse ever had been when she had turned a Thanksgiving turkey inside out. That one had taken the ministry of magic officials some 50 Oblivious charms to fix, talk about magic out of control!!!

She had actually believed she would not be accepted to Hogwarts because of her past problems and the fact that at eleven she had been living in Macao. Her parents had even started to look into a magic tutor for her home schooling when the letter arrived. At Hogwarts she found a home, a place where she didn't feel so very awkwardly out of place. Though she is still shy to the extreme she had found some things that make her happy.

Starting her fifth year she hopes to do well with her Owls but still worries about a career, she has no idea what she might want to do. She loves studying, sports and candy. She is still a bit of a loner due to her extreme shyness. But one of her main objectives this year is to make some real friends finally. And to get her magic in hand, it still gets away from her when she is nervous, embarrassed or afraid. She does have a knack for Transfiguration and Divination but most of the time, her nervousness gets in the way and it gets her into trouble with her Professors.

Patricia has green eyes and brown wavy hair, she is slim, but only because she practices a lot of sports, she loves eating and doesn't care that is not ladylike.

At the end of her fourth year, Patty had managed to get by on low grades, continue to alienate her family from her life by being a afraid and magically exploding in the worse possible moments, and not being able to speak to people, or stuttering incomprehensibly. That year, after getting her family shipped to Cuba after an incident in a state dinner in Switzerland Patty decided to escape her mother and sister's wrath at camp. True to form, she managed to get herself in trouble with a Slytherin boy (whom she thought was rather cute, Sevryn Kale), been strong armed into dueling (and what a HUGE mistake that had been) stuck in a honey (by her own doing) waterfall, and involved in a food fight. All in all a pretty tame summer, till she decided to help Professor Darkmoon to collect ingredients for Potions Class (one of her favorite subjects).

Honestly, Patty was beginning to think she was jinxed, for luck would have it that they got caught in an earthquake. They got stuck in a cave and ended up being rescued in the nick of time. She didn't remember much of it, since she had been in a cold panic the whole time, but the scars on her leg, and the nightmares (of not being able to breathe and a complete and terrifying darkness) suggested at what had transpired. Patty had never been a very brave girl, and the trauma from the earthquake had driven her over the edge.

While still trying to be more outgoing, she had had to deal with nightmares, an increase in her stutter and her growing outbursts of magic (side effect of her constant fear). She had also had to deal with Roe's (one of her best friends) new romance, which meant dealing with a boy. While she personally had no problem with boys, she usually had no dealing with them and rather liked it that way (though she dearly wished she was brave enough to talk to them and maybe one day have a boyfriend.) and Marj's (her other best friend) quirkiness and odd behaviors. The new ghosts had been just too much for her frail and jumpy self.

She had succeeded to some extent, and had even spoken in class! She believed it to be her biggest success for she had also managed to scare herself half to death in Illusion Class, Gotten Detention (a result of trying to be more sociable) and had a major set back when her nightmares (results of the earthquake) had become unmanageable and she had stopped sleeping. the sleeplessness had made her suffer in class, and her research into a cure for the stutter had not gotten very far. She had managed to make some new friends, and had even gotten points for her house during the year, and managed to have some fun in class.

The end of the year had however brought a huge setback when her new found (and very small) bravery and natural Ravenclaw's curiosity had gotten her into trouble when one late night Patty had seen Helios Malmsford leaving the tower and had followed. They both ended up caught in a duel between the DADA Professor, the Trasnfiguration Professor against the Divination Professor, then possessed by an ancient Hoodoo Priestess. Not that Patty had known that, at the time. She had been used as a leverage, been frozen in a panic and nearly gotten them all killed. She had refused to be treated for a broken rib, feelign she deserved every minute o pain, fitting punishment for being so stupid as to get caught in a power struggle with a maddened spirit.

There was a good consequence of her adventure in the tower. Her stuttering had disappeared. She could not however raise her voice any higher than a whisper, still too shy to call attention to herself. She still explodes magically when frightened, tends to flinch when addressed and still cannot look people in the eye.

Determined to stay away from her family and not get them into trouble with her father's lattest job, Patty decided to get herself a job. Spend some time in the school's summer camp and try to stay as out of trouble as she could. all she had to do was find a job... yeah... that would be easy.... not!

The divination lessons with the Hoodoo priestess had been more serious than most people thought, and had opened something in Patty. Since that night she had been seeing something different in her Tarot cards, in her runes, buzios, in the movements of her pendulum. The messages had frightened her and since the night at the south tower they had become more frequent, visions coming even when she was not using her divinatory tools. they had frightened her, to the point of making her search help from the Divination professor while she was still sick and recovering. She had gotten the help she needed.

The summer had been better than she had expected, having talked to the Divination professor she had sorted to the frightening messages. A chance encouter had found her a job, looking after her favorite professor's daughter, Scary aunt aside she had enjoyed looking after the adorable and lively girl. Everything had gone smoothly till she got to summer camp for the final two weeks of holiday. Desperation had hit when she had not fount her friends. Feeling shyer than ever she had turned to a book she had found at the pension. She had found a potion to reduce shyness, and feeling as low as she could Patty decided to try it, and the result had been disastrous. Overdosing on the potion Patty had gone crazy and snogged three boys, in front of the whole camp, not only that but she had snogged Helios, a friend, someone she trusted, who would probably never trust her again.

Now back at hogwarts she would have to deal with more attention than she ever had, would she be able to remain invisible?

Patty had thought her life had been difficult so far, nothing had prepared her for what would come in her sixth year. Right off the bat, during the opening feast people kept pointing and calling her names. One of the most memorable was Puckering Patty. It had been awful, but she had put up with it, trying desperatly to ignore them, hoping it would all go away. She had enough to deal with. Her emotions had never been very stable, but the dominating ones had been shyness and fear. It seemed that the other ones would not be ignored any longer. The strongest was anger, which flared quite uncontrollably when Patty found out about how Alexander Kolmer had treated her best friend. She had lost it completelly.

When she challenged him, it had all gone awry. Kolmer had attacked her, using her weakness, shyness and fear of public. He had been punished, but it had left quite the emotional scar. Her temper flared uncontrolably constantly, where a lot of glassware and poor Danae had ended up in the wrong end of her temper. She still felt that it was somewhat Danae's fault that Roe was suffering, but there wasnt much Patty could do.

In the same week as the Kolmer incident Patty had met David, the one bright spot in her life. They became friends quickly though she did most of the listneing, and studying and his and her homework, but they liked each others company and soon began to snog. Patty felt that her behaviour, kissing a boy that wasnt her boyfriend, was shameful and kept it a secret, until the night, after curfew, that they had been found by Professor Vasilijev. She had made the mistake of lying and ended up with a punishment for the entire grade; early curfew. In fear for her life she had fled into the Room of Requirement. She had sunk into depression, only worsened by a letter she had recieved from her family, cutting all ties with her. Patty had never felt so alone, empty, dispairing. She had believed the David - who she was falling in love with - wouldnt ever talk to her again, that her friends would hate her, that she truly did not deserve the little she had had.

She had been wrong, but the damage had been done. Patty felt lower than ever, but the bad feelings she had always managed to hide deep, had been brought to the surface and now she could not think of anything but the fact that she was unworthy. Professor Renard, outraged by Patty's family's behaviour decided to adopt her. Patty felt overwhelved and touched by this, and did not reject it, but she felt she was unworthy of such honor.

Around April Patty found out about David's 'dark side' not only was he a true slytherin but he had been meeting other girls when not with her. Patty had lost her temper broken things with David, though it hurt her more than anything else - by then she was hopelessly in love with him. They did eventually make up, though her almost friendship with Danae would never be recovered. Things had been said that could not be taken back.

Things with David were never the same, and though he eventually Patty and David got 'back' together. Patty was alone for a while, when she started to get anonimous letters. For wondered who he was, till one day the secret admirer asked her to meet him. It turned out to be Kolmer. Patty freaked out, but eventually calmed down enough to talk to him. Though they would never be friends, Patty and Kolmer now could at least claim to not dislike each other.

When Patty and David made up, David invited her to go to his family home, though his intentions were far from what she hoped.

Just before the school holidays started, during the ministry debate, one of the candidates let slip the whole truth about her family's nomadic situation. Patty's world came crashing, her whole life had been a lie. Not only had she not been to blame for their continuous moves around the world, but her father had used her to cause confusion and get excuses to move. Her father's silent overlooking of her mothers mistreatment, her mother and sister's feelings towards her, it was all a lie, all an excuse for her father's restlessness. Lost and confused suddenly felt disconnected from the world, unsure of who she was, lost herself.

For months - During the disastrous trip to the Leighton Mannor, Summer and her adoption, begining of school Patty felt distant, cold not quite feel or worry about anything. Though a few things - such as family, close friends and David - got to her, most things only mildly touched her. She desperately searched for things that made her feel human, but the progress was slow, frustranting, Patty wondered if she ever would feel anything like what was normal for her. true, she could now speak at a normal voice, but what did that matter if one couldnt really feel anything or connect to anyone?

That was when she met Malcolm. From the beggining they shared some sort of connection that Patty could not understand. She just 'got' him, and he understood her like no one else. Malcs need for support, with his dreams, fears took Patty away from her own problems while at the same time, Malcolm made Patty realize just how everything she had been thrhough in her life had made her who she was, he helped her to laugh again, to trust herself again, to feel. Though their friendship grew, it wasnt until the Valentine's Ball Auction that Patty realized just what she felt for him.

Children: Ehtan Malkoff - born 1929
Ashaya and Katya - born 1936

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Patricia Renard-Malkoff

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