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 Kaminari Hawke

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PostSubject: Kaminari Hawke   Kaminari Hawke EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:08 pm

Kaminari Chang was born in San Fransisco, California on September 16 1920 to Jinhai Chang and Karoline Stuart Chang, becoming the only girl of the family and the youngest. Kami was always the well taken care of in the family, her mother was devoted to watched over her as her father worked hard to maintain their family. Being the 3rd child of the family and the only girl had its advantages; she had been the princess of daddy and the little doll of her mom. Her brothers Liko and Jian always watched over her especially when they began going to school. They never left Kami alone, that was their little sister and they loved her dearly. Kami’s parents especially her father always took great care with her as, Kami would get sick the most due to her anemia, but he loved his children equally. Her parents had been married for 5 years before Kami was born. Although back then mixed marriages were not something common it was not forbidden at least not in America. Her father a civil engineer for the city of San Francisco was brought to America by his father Ling Zhāng, but because they had to come through customs their name was changed to Chang. Her father who had fallen in love with her mother who was a nurse at a magical hospital never understood the magic part of their lives but was open to learn about it. So needless to say he knew that all his kids would be born with such traits and he really didn’t mind at all.

Kami grew up to be very independent due to her parent’s ability to pay for private school. Although it was a muggles private school, kids at her primary school were very independent. Coming from rich families was a privilege not a choice for many in her school; even if Kami’s parents were not rich they always could afford the best for their 3 kids. At the age of 11 like her brothers alike Kami was accepted in a magical school near their home, there she excelled in many subjects but her one forte became Transfiguration.

Kami would get in trouble a lot due to her high-spirited attitude, not that it was bad but it always use to get her in trouble even when her brothers would advice her against such shenanigans. So since she was never listening to them her brother’s would owl home to let their parents know how Kami was behaving. All in all she was being punished at home when they got back for their vacations. While at school Kami would hang out with the worst crowd, the girls that were spoiled rotten and liked to only party. Her parents had warned her about this kind of behavior and that it would only get her expelled and her parents forced to send her to another school a boarding school out of the country.

Of course at the age of 15 what teenager listens to their parents, Kami and her friends decided to ditch school and head out to the beach. Kami loved the idea and enjoyed an entire day without having to deal with neither teachers nor her brothers constantly nagging for her to drop her friends. She was being rebellious against her family, against what she had been taught. Although she didn’t mind trying to be the perfect lady, she loved being a wild child like her friends. But unfortunately that all came to an end the moment that her parents got the call from the school that Kami had ditched it not once but many times with her friends. It was then her parents decided than in order to keep her in line she would go to Hogwarts away from home and away from her friends, whom they thought was Kami’s bad influences.

More to come needs Updating!
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Kaminari Hawke

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