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 Mirelis Lloyd

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PostSubject: Mirelis Lloyd   Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:37 am

Journal written by Mirelis Lloyd Mate to Trevor Lloyd

I sit here on Julie’s bed looking at how much she has grown in the past year or so. It is amazing the child she has no regards for anything other than the loss of her brother if that ever came to pass. I ask the gods that never comes to be simply because seeing my poor Julie suffer will devastate me hell it would devastate any parent to see their child mourn another sibling. The same is for me if TJ’s death were come to pass I adore my overbearing, bossy brother but I never tell him because it strikes me as odd considering he is so tough and I fear I would hurt his man ego and boy does he have one. Sometimes I wonder how Bree handles his arrogant ass at times. Maybe I will ask her some day, today I am writing because I feel my family is tearing apart Vane has left the home with his mate, Kyr will soon take off with Jayden gods that pain of losing Kyr my son in all intends and purposes he is my boy. No I wouldn’t let him go even if he is the alpha of his pack I don’t think I could let him go and Jayden she is in so many parts of my heart she is like my own daughter. No don’t get me wrong I adore Rebecca but Jayden she is tough, lovable and so sure of herself is amazing she reminds me of me when I was her age.

Yeah me at her age gods I remember back when I first met Trevor I snarled told him to hit the road that he was a mutt. He continued to try and court me and eventually as you know now I gave in and here I am mated to the most wonderful man I have known bar one. My father for all his faults when he and my mother had decided to separate has been the best ever. Yeah the family has always been a complicated thing but hey I live a much complicated one right now. Do I regret adopting all the kids No never I am a mother of many unwanted children and I have no problems with the title. Do I know what grams did to my body? Yes I have known for a long time TJ’s guilty face was the given factor. Do I hate them for this? No I still was able to have a son even if I hadn’t given birth to him he is mine from my own genes Vane is my life it is why losing him has made me sleepless.

No I don’t sleep well thinking something will go wrong with him and Rebecca and as a mother I want to protect him always. Would I do the same for Kyr, or Julie? Yes with every second and breath of my life. Do I wish I had my own kids? I already do three of them two boys and a girl a beautiful rambunctious 5 year old that makes me cringe when she screeches in a tantrum but I adore her as I know Trevor adores her as well. She is our spoiled rotten tomato, our beautiful ballerina princess of our domain. I have to go now before she wakes because when she does I never stop and I would never change it for the world even if by the end of the day I am exhausted.
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Mirelis Lloyd

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